Certified Pre-Owned Customers are the Most Loyal Car Buyers

If you’re moving a lot of certified pre-owned cars, you’re probably building consumer loyalty at the same time. This is because CPO buyers are repeat buyers.

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Top Tips on How to Generate More Sales Leads

If you want more sales leads (and who doesn’t?), these are the tactics to try. Or, if you want the benefits of these tips without dumping even more work on your already busy staff, there’s an easier solution.

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Many Auto Dealerships Don’t Effectively Respond to Customer Internet Inquiries

Pied Piper released the results of their 2017 Internet Lead Effectiveness ® Benchmarking Study earlier this month. It measures how auto dealerships respond to customer inquiries received through dealership websites. The study found that industry average performance declined from 2016 …

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Direct Mail Makes Sense for Your Business

Why should you use direct mail to attract the leads that you want to bring into your store? Because the it can be cost-effective and produce results.

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Using YouTube to Your Store’s Advantage

You probably already know that social media platforms should be included in your marketing plans. Shoppers often turn to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest for information about products. And you may be surprised to learn that YouTube is the …

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eBay Advertising Report Shows Consumers Willing to Buy Cars Online

The latest report from eBay Advertising proves what we’ve been hearing for some time now. According to their survey, consumers are increasingly willing to buy cars online.

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How LotPro Can Help Your Team Realize their Full Potential

Specifically designed for dealers who specialize in subprime sales, the LotPro® system is the complete subprime management solution. And when your store has access to its host of innovative tools, everyone can do more of what they do best.

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Giving Your CPO Customers a “Like-New” Experience

As you probably know, more and more customers are opting for CPO vehicles. And this may be good news for your store if you, like so many others, have an inventory full of off-lease vehicles.

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3 Trends Changing Automotive Internet Marketing

In the January issue of AutoSuccess Magazine, Muhammad Yasin listed three trends that are revolutionizing automotive internet marketing. Yasin, the director of marketing at PERQ, believes internet marketing will continue to evolve in the automotive industry.

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Reviewing Data from Automotive Social Media Trends Study

Digital Air Strike recently released the findings from its sixth annual Automotive Social Media Trends Study. Findings from the social media and digital engagement company were hardly surprising, but still noteworthy. Most of the trends revealed by the study highlight …

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