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LotPro® Auto Dealer Software for Subprime Car Sales

LotPro offers a desking solution with used car valuations and deal structure based on finance company parameters, as well as a stand-alone lead management and tracking software. Best of all, there are no long term contracts.
Simple Lead CRM
With LotPro's Simple Lead CRM prospect management and tracking software, you can manage auto finance leads and walk-in special finance prospects

Communicate easier with custom email and letter templates. Submit special finance leads electronically to lender portals like RouteOne®.
   Lead CRM
Car Deal Excelerator
With the Car Deal Excelerator you will no longer have to settle for a skinny special finance deal because you were too busy to find the right car to fit the subprime auto lender approval conditions.

Within seconds, LotPro's Car Deal Excelerator can crunch the numbers and compare multiple lender calls with every used car in your inventory.
Inventory Management
Automagically grab inventory from your DMS, accessorize it with Dealer Specialties® or similar data feed. Then book it with NADA, Black Book®, and KBB® values with just a few mouse clicks.

Used car inventory management has never been simpler. Reappraise your used car values whenever the guide books are updated.
Bankruptcy List Marketing System
With the Bankruptcy List Marketing System you can reach out to every Chapter 7 right after their file date, & every Chapter 13 after their discharge date. Be the first to contact fresh BK's in your market.

The bankruptcy list comes complete with three proven letter templates that get results, plus lead tracking software to measure your ROI.