Special Finance Auto Sales Training

Auto Credit Express® is the only training and consulting firm that can give you a proven success process that guaranteed success in special finance.
Implementing our Subprime Selling System ensures that all the critical components needed for success are understood and used on a daily basis.

Learn the differences with our unique prospects and how to work with them, how to structure deals to maximize gross, and the importance of funding and how it impacts your cash flow.

The Subprime Selling System

The LotPro® Subprime Selling System is an entry level subprime auto sales process for dealerships whose goal is to achieve long term success in subprime.

By minimizing the risks and removing the barriers most often associated with subprime sales, any store - regardless of experience level - can implement the system without additional personnel, departments, or expensive ad budgets.

The training system builds the foundation necessary for long term success by distributing subprime roles, responsibilities, and knowledge amongst many groups within the store: Sales, F & I, and Administrative personnel.

The Lotpro system is a pay-as-you-grow model with no long term contracts.