At Auto Credit Express, we're here to give your car dealership the leg up it needs to keep driving forward in this rocky landscape. With all the changes that have come and gone over the years, we've remained a constant source of leads and other dealer services for stores all over the country! Wondering what we can do for you? Take a look:

Automotive Special Finance Leads

4 Services Your Dealership Can Be Thankful ForIf you're not catering to subprime sales, you're missing a huge chunk of loyal consumers who need vehicles now more than ever. We want to provide you with prospects that are motivated to buy and ready to get the process started. We've been a leader in the subprime automotive space for over 20 years.

Everyone wants quality leads from all their vendors, and it can be a waste of time and money having to return bad leads. We give you exclusive access to leads that match the criteria you determine, so you get more qualified leads that you're able to pair with your lending partners.

Plus, when you sign up for service with us, you get access to our dedicated automotive BDC call center. By using our specialist services to manage your incoming prospects, your sales team can focus on what they do best – selling cars! Our BDC representatives verify lead information, assuring a match to your specific qualifications. We also prepare prospects for their visit to your showroom by ensuring they know your stipulations and encouraging them to be prepared on their first visit.

Our BDC specialists understand the importance of first call contact; first to contact is often the first to contract. Studies have shown that first call contact directly impacts intent to purchase, and we contact consumers as soon as they're matched to your dealership! With our team helping you field calls, screen prospects, and set appointments, you can keep your sales people on the floor closing deals to grow your bottom line.

Dedicated Dealer Support

We don't just hand you a list of new leads and send you on your merry way! We have a team of dedicated dealer support specialists available to help you. These highly-trained professionals assist with setup and management of your CRM. They also provide specialty training for your sales team that's taking on the subprime challenge.

New and Used Cars Leads for Dealers

Having an increased number of prospects coming through your doors is a great way to move inventory, but so are new and used car leads from our partner CarsDirect Connect. According to Experian data, 71% of leads provided by CarsDirect Connect purchase a vehicle within six months.

Our service can list your inventory across our network of over 130 automotive websites, ensuring high visibility ads. By listing your inventory with us, you also get exclusive access to proprietary data and key metrics provided by monthly customer surveys. Plus, there are multiple programs available to fit your dealership needs, and CarsDirect Connect qualifies for many manufacturer co-op programs.

Targeted Bankruptcy Marketing

If moving more cars to people who need a second chance at financing is part of your mission, let us help bring in the leads you need! With our targeted bankruptcy marketing program, you have access to fresh bankruptcy leads that fit the bill for you. We don't shotgun leads, so you can ensure that the leads that come to you are unique and meet the criteria you set out.

Choose from one of our three preset bankruptcy marketing mailers – set up for 30, 60, or 90 days out – or choose a custom greeting to really get personal with your message. Additionally, our drip campaigns put the power to maximize bankruptcy leads in your hands with leads that are always fresh. New BK mailer lists are ready for use and waiting in your inbox every Tuesday morning.

Look for New Products and Services in the Coming Year!

Not only can you look forward to the consistent services that dealerships have enjoyed from us for over 20 years, there are new opportunities on the horizon when you work with Auto Credit Express and CarsDirect Connect! Look for some emerging ways to do business, as we grow our menu of marketing services for you.

Get In on the Sales Opportunities!

This year's higher residual values on lease vehicles, combined with a growing demand for used cars, is causing a unique wave in sales as we come into the holiday season. If you want to be ready to move more vehicles now, you need to get connected to motivated buyers that are ready to walk through your doors, and drive off in a car.

If you're ready to maximize your sales potential, look no further. Sign up for any number of our services that can support your growing dealership. To find out what we can do for you, simply give us a call at 888-535-2277, or fill out our contact form and one of our sales representatives will get in touch with you!