The competition for vehicle service departments has never been stiffer. As a result, impressing customers and fostering loyalty is more elusive than ever, but doing so remains critical to growing your fixed operations. With that in mind, following these tips can help dealership service departments improve customer satisfaction and profitability.

5 Ways to Improve Your Service Department

It’s a strange time for car dealership service departments. Customers are keeping their vehicles longer than ever, but accidents are down thanks to increasingly available advanced safety features. Not to mention, there are more service facilities than ever, so the competition for business is fierce.

Put it all together and it means that your store needs to deliver an excellent service experience with top-notch customer service if you want to stand out in a crowd while fostering customer loyalty. These five tips can help your service center satisfy customers and increase revenue:

  1. 5 Ways to Improve Your Dealership Service DepartmentSet goals – It’s important to have clearly defined goals so everyone on your team knows the objectives they’re trying to achieve with every decision they make. It’s a good idea to set these objectives around defined time frames, and to utilize key performance indicators that can be tracked. Be clear about best practices when it comes to systems, processes, policies, and tools so a consistent path can be followed.
  2. Improve communication – Communication is infinitely crucial, both with customers and with team members. Your customer experience strategy has to be well defined, consistent, streamlined, and direct. This enables dealership service departments to be ultra-efficient while delivering high customer satisfaction levels.
  3. Modernize – Prioritizing flexibility can help you stay relevant these days. For example, if you haven't already, you should modernize your department by setting up a texting service as a form of communication with customers. You can arrange pushes for needed upcoming services or special deals being offered, as well as appointment alerts and updates on work being done. Another way to modernize your service department is to find unique ways to improve your absorption rate. Ibrahim Mesbah, the CEO of RevolutionParts, recently told WardsAuto about how some dealer groups have started to dabble in online parts sales to increase turnover or liquidate parts that are no longer in the catalog.
  4. Use new car warranties to establish relationships – In an effort to foster customer loyalty, it’s important to get owners in the door while their vehicle is still under warranty. You can hook them in by making sure they’re keeping up with required maintenance, and deliver excellent customer service so they stick around even after the warranty expires.
  5. Track goals and evaluate – The goals you set and the progress you make can’t reach its full potential unless management is analyzing the data. You have to find out if benchmarks are being met in the first place, but goal tracking can also help decision-makers find new opportunities and/or identify ways to improve in problem areas.

The Bottom Line

At the end of the day, excellent customer service remains vitally important for the success and profitability of dealership service departments. These tips can help your store improve its fixed operations and build a reputation to be proud of.

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