With more customers using technology to research ahead of time, the sales practices your dealership once used aren’t going to be as effective these days. Today’s customers know what they want, and aren’t afraid to walk away if they feel too pressured or aren’t getting a good enough deal in their eyes. So, what sales techniques should you avoid? The CBT Automotive Network has a list of seven outdated car sales tactics you should stop using.

7 Old Sales Practices You Should Stay Away From

Many dealerships are changing with the times without a hitch, but some are still holding onto classic sales techniques that have been used for decades. Although there are some deal-closing techniques you should use, many of these older sales processes don’t work anymore.

Here are seven car sales practices to avoid from the CBT Automotive Network:

  1. 7 Sales Practices to AvoidOverselling – Overselling products just isn’t feasible anymore. Sales cycles are now on a 28- or 58-day cycle, and there just isn’t enough time and flexibility to oversell.
  2. Cold calling – Cold calling doesn’t work like it used to, and it now has a negative impact. “Warm calling” based on research isn’t bad, but if you rely on cold calls to generate new leads, you aren’t going to get much positive feedback.
  3. Telling instead of asking – Consumers are more informed about your products and deals than they were even a couple of years ago. Let the customer ask questions, and don’t get into too much detail about what you and the vehicle have to offer – it’s very likely they already are aware of it.
  4. Moving too fast – Always think ahead, which means looking past the short-term deals you make each month. While any sale is a good sale for your store, take your time working with customers to make sure you understand each of their situations and have answered every one of their questions.
  5. Not fully utilizing social media – Just having a social media account isn't enough. Many customers use social media as part of the car buying process, so it’s important that your store utilizes this presence to build brand awareness. Otherwise, you’re losing customers. If your accounts sit unused, you’re not only losing the benefit, this might be turning off customers and steering them away from your store.
  6. Focusing too much on product demonstrations – Product demonstrations used to be vital, but now customers are researching ahead of time thanks to easily available information. This doesn’t mean you should get rid of them, it means you should focus on answering questions consumers have about products they already know they're interested in.
  7. Being stagnant and not learning – Salespeople should always be learning. What worked last year may not work in 2019, so they need to keep up on industry trends, product knowledge, and more. Management should review calls, keep up on industry news, and attend industry events to keep up.

The Bottom Line

The automotive industry is constantly changing and if your store isn't changing with it, you may find it tough securing and retaining customers, which can lead to lower sales.

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