dealership saleswomanSince we have seen such an increase in the demand from car dealers for automotive subprime sales training we’ve re-launched the Auto Credit Express® 90 day special finance training curriculum.

The Auto Credit Express subprime sales process minimizes the risks commonly associated with special finance by distributing roles and responsibilities to many people within the car dealership, from front end sales to the back office, each person in the car dealership has a role and each has responsibilities in the sub prime sales process.

Our training program combines classroom instruction, online training, and practical application. For one week each month an Auto Credit Express certified subprime trainer is on-site. Classes are held each morning and each afternoon the new knowledge is put into play. The online educational series is then used to reinforce the material.

In addition to the on-site training, stores have access to our special finance help desk and funding support center. For more information, or to see if this program is right for your store, contact Dave LaLonde at 888.535.2277.