When your store employs an effective follow-up strategy, an opportunity you may have thought was missed could still prove to be a valuable sale.

Follow-Up Perspectives

Are You Missing Sales Opportunities Due to Improper Follow-Up?A study conducted by the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) found that 90% of buyers that didn’t make a purchase never got a follow-up contact from a dealership. They also found that 90% of prospects make a purchase within one week.

Think about it: 10 prospects come into your dealership, and nine of them don’t purchase a vehicle on that visit. Of those nine prospects, at least eight are going to buy somewhere within a week – why not from you?

Proper follow up can be the key to getting those buyers back and into the car they need. Before you think that a prospect is done with your store, follow up with a phone call and let them know that you appreciate the time they took, and that you’re looking forward to working with them.

Maybe you’re on the verge of closing a sale and the prospect decides they need to talk to their spouse, or take another day to think it over. Don’t close the book on them and let that potential sale drive off into the sunset in a vehicle from another store – shoot them an email that lets them know it’s OK to take their time, after all, a new car is a big decision.

Let Our BDC Help

Think about the 90% of prospects that never get a follow-up. If your store doesn’t employ solid follow-up strategies, ask yourself “why?” No matter what your answer to this question is, we want to help. How? With our dedicated BDC services, that’s how!

When you work with our BDC call center, we help to ensure that each of the prospects that come through us have first call contact and the proper follow-up to help get them into a vehicle from your store. Since our BDC services are doing the heavy lifting for you when it comes to initial and follow-up contact, this means all your sales staff needs to focus on is selling.

Here’s how our BDC process works:

  • First call contact As soon as a prospect is matched with you, we contact them to verify their personal information, and go over the income, employment, and residence information that was provided. On this call, we make sure the prospect fits into the customer profile that you’re looking for by going over the qualifications and stipulations you provided.
  • Appointment setting – With access to your schedule through our CRM, we not only prepare prospects to come through your door, we schedule their visit too. Knowing that 90% of prospects purchase within one week, our BDC helps to maximize customer contact by scheduling visits on the first call. Plus, we follow up with the prospects (within a given time frame) until one is set.
  • Follow-up opportunities – Once we’ve come to the end of our process, whether the prospect has missed or kept an appointment, or already visited your dealership, you can then use the CRM to continue the follow-up process with easy email options to keep in contact with consumers who might have been on the fence. When you maintain a presence in prospects’ minds by using effective follow-ups, they're more likely to become customers.

Tips for Following Up with Your Prospects

Because our leads don’t provide all of your prospects, your store needs to have an efficient and effective follow-up strategy of your own. There are many ways to gain opportunities from follow-ups, and many ways in which you can reach out to prospects:

  • Follow-up phone calls – A quick call to check in with a prospective customer can open the door to sales opportunities. The key to effective phone calls is to be courteous. Use the prospect’s name, ask leading questions that allow the consumer to do most of the talking, and remember to be polite – please and thank you go a long way. If you’re having trouble getting in touch with a prospect, try to vary your call times; maybe they work nights, or can’t take phone calls in the office. Make sure to make at least a few attempts to call, but don’t bug the consumer for a sale by calling every two hours for a week – over-contact can be a big turnoff.
  • Follow-up emails – An email to prospects to follow up on recent interactions is a great way to let them know that even if you didn’t get the sale done the first time, you’re still interested in their business. Remember to employ good writing techniques, check your grammar and spelling, and have a clear and concise message. Make sure to personalize your emails and show the consumer that you really care, and aren’t just sending a generic follow-up with a template or form letter.
  • Hand-written notes – As far as a follow-up is concerned, a hand-written note can have a huge impact. A prospect can really see that you value them and their business when you take the time to jot down a note by hand. In today’s digital age, a hand-written note tells the consumer that they’re not just another email in a never-ending inbox, or another like on your Facebook page. A personal note can really have a humanizing effect on an often robotic-feeling process, and this could be the light a prospect was looking for in the dark – the light that brings them back to you for a sale.

Ready to Follow Up with Auto Credit Express?

If you’re ready to focus on car sales, Auto Credit Express is here to help you with the other aspects of your store. Let our dedicated BDC call center go to work for you, bringing in prepared prospects that are ready to buy. We’ve been helping dealerships just like yours for over 20 years, and we want to help you, too.

If you need more than a BDC team to get things rolling, we have the expertise and services to help with many aspects of your business, including automotive direct mail, subprime leads, dedicated bankruptcy leads, and new and used car leads through our partnership with CarsDirect Connect.

Don’t wait to get the help your store needs. Call us today at 888-535-2277 to get in touch, or fill out our contact form online and we’ll follow up with you.