In a recent survey conducted by SalesFuel, nearly a fifth of adults polled said they would be buying a new vehicle in the next year. What will bring these buyers to your lot? The thing that entices car-buying customers to come to you instead of a competitor may not be what you're thinking.

How Consumers Become Car-Buying Customers

Car Buying

According to SalesFuel's annual AudienceSCAN survey and accompanying whitepaper, 27.3 % of car-buying customers want the latest car model. This is the primary reason that polled consumers will be shopping for a new vehicle in the near future.

21% of survey participants are having issues with their current car and will be looking to replace it. 20% said that they will be in the market because their family needs an additional vehicle. The safety issue also found its way into the survey with 13.7% saying that they will be upgrading to a safer ride. Surprisingly, only 8.3% said that they would be buying a car solely due to deals or incentives that "are too good to pass up."

How Car-Buying Customers Choose a Store

Clearly, offering the best incentives in town isn't a surefire way to get car-buying customers to pick your store over a competitor. So, what will make your dealership the top choice?

Attached to the SalesFuel survey was a whitepaper called "Drive Automotive Marketing Messaging – 2016-17 Automotive Shopper Profile." This whitepaper delved into why consumers are attracted to certain stores over others.

59% of consumers surveyed chose dealer reputation as the factor that they would consider most when choosing a store. But your social media presence alone isn't enough to build a great reputation. Chief executive officer, Steve White, whose marketing technology firm, Clarivoy, provided analysis in the whitepaper stated:

"Don't rely strictly on social media to reinforce reputation. It's very rare that we see any social media clicks in a buyer's purchase path."

It's safe to say that you should have a social media presence on several platforms, but don't neglect other reputation-builders. Earning positive online reviews is a good way to get car-buying customers into your store. Not only that, word-of-mouth advertising is still the best and cheapest way to spread the word about your outstanding customer service.

You should also keep your inventory full of the most popular cars. 51.8% of consumers said that vehicle-selection would drive them to a certain dealership. 43.1% claimed that they would go to the store that is closest to where they live. And, sadly, car buyers don't seem to care very much about charity involvement. Only 5.3% said that they would pick a dealership because they support an important cause or charity.

Inspiring Loyalty with Courtesy

As you already know, it's important for salespeople to be good with customers. According to the SalesFuel survey, courtesy matters a lot. 47.6% of car-buying customers said they "make a point of shopping where salespeople are helpful and friendly."

Providing great customer service can also turn one-time buyers into long-term customers. In fact, just over a tenth of respondents are loyal to a specific store. 18.1% claimed that they would buy their next car from the same dealership that sold them their last vehicle. On the other hand, 16.5% said that they would purchase a different brand to avoid a store where they've had a bad experience.

Another Way to Bring Car-Buying Customers to Your Store

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