If you, as a special finance manager, are determined to grow your dealership’s subprime department, you should seriously consider attending this year’s Special Finance Conference and Expo, September 16th and 17th in Las Vegas.

Conference to feature Auto Credit Express CEO and SEO

This year, Auto Credit Express is a business sponsor of The Special Finance Conference & Expo 2008. In addition to our sponsorship, this year’s conference will feature Rich LaLonde, president and Chief Executive Officer of The ACE Group and Jack Lintol, Chief Operating Officer of the ACE Group.

Rich LaLonde will be the speaker at Wednesday’s 9:10 am Seminar titled “Why Every Franchised Dealer Should Have A Special Finance Manager.” This session will cover the growing percentage of credit-challenged potential purchasers and Rich will make a strong case for establishing a Special Finance specialist within the dealership. The CEO of The Ace Group will also offer a practical recommendation on how and why this should be accomplished.

Jack Lintol, COO of the ACE Group, will be the moderator at Wednesday’s 2:10 pm Seminar titled “Lead Internet Generation, Usage and Conversion.” This session will address the growing internet lead business and how dealers, with commitment, process and training, can convert a higher percentage of these leads into customers.

At Auto Credit Express, we’re all about the dealer

Here at Auto Credit Express, we pride ourselves on being dealer-centric. LotProOnline, our special finance desking software, is designed by special finance people for the special finance professional. It also integrates seamlessly with your dealership DMS, Route One and DealerTrack, as well as 30 different lead providers.

When it comes to finance leads, because of our intimate knowledge of the dealership environment, we approach our website in a way that’s different from other lead portals. We inform the customer of the special finance process, which includes the expectation of gathering the necessary documentation as well as the need to visit the dealer once they’ve been contacted.

Your success is our success

The better the lead quality, the greater the chance you have of selling and delivering a vehicle. The better the subprime desking system, the more efficient your special finance department can be – allowing your salespeople to spend more time with the customer and less time fighting the paperwork. To find out more, contact us at 888.535.2277 or by using our quick contact form.

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