AUBURN HILLS, Mi., April 17, 2014 - In a step to further strengthen the relationship between retail dealers and car buyers, ACE Tech, Inc. (Auto Credit Express®) today announced the addition of 48 seats to their call center. With over a decade of experience in the auto finance industry, this move further differentiates Auto Credit Express from the competition by bridging the communication gap associated with automotive financing.

“We were exploring various channels that would allow us to enhance the level of communication between car buyers and retail dealers. The result is an added benefit to both which has allowed us to grow at an outstanding rate," said Dave LaLonde, senior vice president of Auto Credit Express. “By establishing a number of new technology-driven features in September 2013, the call center has become extremely efficient and enabled ACE to offer a variety of new services.” Lalonde went on to add that “We are now able to respond to customer inquiries within minutes as well as more often. Keeping the lines of communication open with our customers has been vital to our success.”

As a result of the additional staffing in the call center, customers are now able to apply online or by phone. While continuing to make enhancements to the call center services, the ultimate goal at Auto Credit Express is to offer the most advanced inbound answering capabilities for retail car dealers for a broad spectrum of buyers.

Auto Credit Express

Founded in 1992, Auto Credit Express has established itself as a leading service provider of new and used car loans in the U.S. and Canada. Headquartered in Auburn Hills, Michigan, Auto Credit Express is an accomplished special finance consulting firm offering automotive dealerships entry level and advanced subprime training, easy to use online tracking software, and an expert lead system.