If you missed the Auto Credit Express subprime web seminar in December featuring ACE President Rich LaLonde and Special Finance Magazine editor Tariq Kamal you can still learn how your dealership can build a thriving subprime department.

Don’t miss out on this second chance opportunity

With fewer customers coming through your doors and many of those customers suffering from bruised credit, your dealership needs to broaden its base of lenders in order to maintain profitability. And whether you’re new to the subprime arena or have tried subprime in the past, there are some questions that you have to ask yourself:

Has your dealership been burned by subprime in the past? Is it too much trouble? Have you ever analyzed why?

These questions and more were covered in an online web seminar that is now available as an on-demand archive, courtesy of Special Finance Magazine and Auto Credit Express.

Here are just a few of the topics that were addressed during the original presentation:

•    How do you avoid the risks and pitfalls of subprime?

•    Does your subprime department consist simply of one subprime “guru”?

•    What can you do to keep your subprime department running?

•    Can your dealership afford to pass up a market that represents $250,000 to $1,000,000 in gross revenue?

•    Ultimately, how are you going to survive this difficult economy without selling to the subprime buyer?

Access the archive at your convenience

Why not set aside some time in order to gain valuable insight into what dealerships need to build a thriving subprime department. To register for access (at no charge), simply follow this link:


A Special Offer

If you’re like most dealership owners, general managers, finance managers or subprime finance managers, you’re always looking to sell more cars and increase your paycheck.

It’s a fact that over 10% of all new car sales and 35% of all used car sales are purchased by people with subprime or below subprime credit.

Remove the Barriers to Subprime

By minimizing the risks and removing the barriers most often associated with subprime sales, any store – regardless of experience level – can implement a process without adding additional personnel, departments, or expensive ad budgets.

The rules have changed, but you can still sell more cars – Here’s Proof:

Summit Place Kia in Metro Detroit increased both new and used sales over 300% in the last twelve months while maintaining a top 10% CSI rating among all Kia dealers nationwide. How? Subprime.

Get a Road Map for Long Term Success in Subprime

Attend one of our workshops and leave with a customized road map of how to get started. It’s not a guarantee. You will encounter resistance, road blocks and detours along the way. But without a map, you will not reach your destination.

Subprime Workshops

Customizing a Subprime Process & Action Plan – Track 1

During the 2 day workshop we will analyze the Critical Success Factors and customize a process and action plan for immediate results that fits the culture of your store.

Dates: January 12th, 13th

Audience: Sales Managers, General Managers, and Dealers.

Subprime F&I Workshop – Track 2

Learn the nitty-gritty of subprime; how to communicate with our unique prospects, interpreting credit reports, income and debt analysis, inventory selection, deal structure, and funding.

Dates: January 14th, 15th and 16th

Audience: Designed for F&I and Subprime Managers

Attend one of our Subprime workshops and receive 15 days unlimited access to 24 online video training modules and 1 hour of phone consultation check-up. For more information, contact Jack Lintol by phone at  888.535.2277, by email at [email protected] or by using our quick contact form.

About Rich LaLonde

Rich has been involved in the retail automotive business since 1981 and in the subprime arena since the mid 1980’s. In 1992, Rich launched Auto Credit Express, Inc. and began training the dealership community on how to conduct special finance. Rich holds a degree in accounting and is a CPA.

In December 2007, Rich purchased a Kia dealership in Waterford, Michigan. At the time, it was the lowest-performing Kia franchise in the Detroit Metro market. Currently, Summit Place Kia is number one in the Detroit Metro area – a position it has occupied for 10 months in a row. In addition, it is number one in customer satisfaction in Michigan and in the top 10% of all Kia dealerships nationwide. Rich recently acquired a second Kia dealer point in Canton, Michigan in December 2008.

About Auto Credit Express

Auto Credit Express (www.autocreditexpress.net) was founded in 1999 and is the nation’s premier automotive subprime finance consulting company specializing in training, traffic and technology. Auto Credit Express consists of two operating segments: Auto Credit Express is the nation’s leading special finance training and consulting company. ACE has over 20 seasoned special finance trainers on staff to service our dealer clients. ACE Tech, launched in 2003, supplies new car buyer and auto loan leads to hundreds of dealers nationwide. ACE Tech is also the division responsible for the development of LotPro subprime auto dealer software - designed by experienced retail automotive professionals and providing the practical functions you need to manage and control your special finance department. Auto Credit Express’s brand slogan -- "Rebuilding America’s Credit" -- represents the company's commitment to surpassing customer and dealer expectations through continuous technical and customer-centric innovation.