In the January issue of AutoSuccess Magazine, Muhammad Yasin listed three trends that are revolutionizing automotive internet marketing. Yasin, the director of marketing at PERQ, believes internet marketing will continue to evolve in the automotive industry.

We know that consumer behavior has been shifting in dramatic ways in the digital age. For example:

  • According to the latest UPS Pulse of the Online Shopper study, 51% of purchases made by "avid online shoppers" were made online.
  • The average number of dealership visits before purchasing a car has dropped from close to five to as few as one for some brands. This is according to a recent McKinsey study.
  • According to WardsAuto, eight out of 10 new-car shoppers begin their process online. Also, roughly 90% use either the dealer or OEM websites.

Yasin shifts similar to those "game changers" that bring challenges in targeting the right audience. Here are the three trends he says will revolutionize automotive internet marketing in the next couple of years.

1. Purchases that are Made Online

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People are buying just about anything completely online. Clothes, electronics, toiletries, groceries, and even cars. Carvana, for example, is an online-only used car dealer. They recently opened their 20th "location," which is actually just the place that consumers go for delivery after completing the purchase process online from start to finish.

While Carvana is but one example, it appears that consumers are open to the idea of online car purchasing. A recent Accenture study found that 75% of consumers would do the entire process online "if given the opportunity." Yasin calls this change "radical" and a development worth taking notice of.

This calls for your store to get aggressive about optimizing your website. It's more important than ever to have a noticeable digital presence, and a website that is accessible, detailed, and intuitive.

2. Engaging Mobile and Online Experiences

Your website and marketing strategies also need to become more engaging and mobile friendly. Consumer behavior has significantly changed, and your store needs to adapt with it.

Remember all of those automotive ads that aired during the Super Bowl? According to, 60% of visits to their website during the big game came from mobile devices. Your website(s) need to be accommodating to mobile users now more than ever.

Yasin also reminds us that videos can be helpful. According to Google, 69% of consumers who used YouTube during the car buying process said it had an influence on what they bought. Your store can use videos to boost engagement and awareness and share information on inventory.

Yasin also believes dealerships can improve engagement with potential buyers with interactive lead forms. Instead of static lead forms, he thinks you can stand out by providing interactive experiences. For example, you can encourage prospective buyers to give up their information while providing something of value in return, like a trade appraisal or offer. This will allow for a two-way conversation while also pushing buyers further down the purchase path.

3. Modernized Email Marketing

Email marketing remains a powerful tool even though it's been around for a while. Yasin suggests the key to modernizing your email marketing strategy is providing a more personalized approach.

Your store can gather data from traditional and interactive lead forms and use it your advantage. Through email marketing cadences and plans, you can email prospective buyers about vehicles, incentives, trade in deals, payment plans and more.

With the right approach, you can appeal to prospects on a personal level. And the more you do that, the more likely it is that you can win them as customers.

The Bottom Line

Trends like these are going to keep bringing new marketing strategies and technology into play. Yasin believes the elements of the trends listed can be successful as long as you personalize strategy to your store's unique goals.

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