Here at Auto Credit Express, we know how costly and time-consuming running a dedicated call center can be for a dealership. That’s why our BDC and Automotive Call Center Services are a great choice for your business.

Our dedicated agents verify customer qualifications set forth by you, and prepare consumers for the process of visiting your dealership. When shoppers come in knowing what to expect, it frees your sales staff to do what they do best – turn car leads into car sales.

An In-depth Look at Our BDC Process

When a consumer meets the standard financing requirements for your dealership, we can help you begin the process of taking that buyer from car lead to sale, with an emphasis on getting them through your door.

Car Lead Validation

Our process starts with an initial verification call, in which a specialized agent carefully goes over all consumer information to check for accuracy and verification of identity. We verify relevant, personal identifiable information (PII) before moving on to employment and income verification. This helps ensure your sales staff has accurate information before these consumers visit your store.

To help provide you with serious consumers who are ready to continue the process, we verify an individual’s source of income and job type. This step helps us let you know if the consumer has the ability to finance a vehicle. By verifying the type of income and employment, we can also better prepare the consumer to bring in the proper documentation on their first visit.

To finish up this step of our process, we’ll ensure that potential borrowers meet the auto financing minimum income requirements set forth by your lenders. By doing this, we attempt to weed out consumers who won’t qualify at this time, based on your dealership’s pre-set minimum requirements.

Dealership Information and Stipulations

Once we ensure a consumer meets all your criteria, we’ll begin preparing them for a visit to your dealership. Here, we have the ability to give them all the necessary dealership information, such as location and hours, and the point of contact (POC) they can expect to meet with.

We also provide the consumer with the list of documents they’ll need to bring with them to start the financing process, letting them know about proof of income, proof of residency, licensing requirements, and references. We’ll also remind consumers to consider everything a vehicle loan may entail – like tax, title, and license fees, trade in opportunities, and possible cosigners.

When you work with our BDC, we pride ourselves on making sure consumers are as prepared as possible to take the next step when they walk through your door. And to help make that happen, we take the hassle of dealership appointment scheduling off your hands, too.

Setting the Appointment

Automotive BDC Can Boost Successful SalesAfter a consumer has verified that they can provide you with the necessary documents and meet lender requirements, we’ll go ahead and get them set up to visit your store as soon as possible. We know that first contact often leads to first contract and we want these leads to become your customers.

With access to your POC’s dealer appointment calendar through our LotPro software system, we can schedule appointments that are convenient and timely. After we lock in these appointments, we’ll even set up appointment reminder calls, so these consumers don’t fall through the cracks by setting and forgetting.

Confirmation emails sent directly to the lead at the end of the initial call provide the consumer with written verification of appointment time, POC contact information, stips, and driving directions right to your door.

Reassurance before Consumers Enter Your Door

Before we end an initial call with any consumer, we make sure that they know we’re available for them, and that your sales staff is looking forward to meeting with them. You can rest assured, as well, knowing that you can count on our dedicated BDC to provide your dealership with a quality process you can count on. We’ve been assisting dealerships with the conversion of leads into sales for nearly 20 years, and our experience speaks for itself.

Sending Stress-free Car Sales Leads Your Way

If you want to free up your dealership’s salespeople to focus on sales and alleviate stress, let our BDC services take the worry out of your day. Subprime customers can be some of the most loyal, especially if you’re there for them from the start. Teaming up with our automotive BDC can help get those loyal consumers in your door, helping you cultivate quality customers.

If you’re ready to take on more leads that convert, teaming up with Auto Credit Express and our dedicated automotive call center is the way to go. And that’s not all we have to offer. To see what we can do for your dealership, contact us today at 888-535-2277 or fill out our online contact form and we’ll get in touch with you!