Brian Geitner, the president of Cox Automotive Media Solutions Group, recently appeared in WardsAuto. In an edition of "Industry Voices," Geitner focused his article on the sales team. He spoke on how being customer focused is the most important quality for salespeople to have.

Citing Cox Automotive data, Geitner explained how car dealership customers aren't really interested in a salesperson's gender, age, or personality. Instead, they want someone who is helpful, knowledgeable and doesn't put too much pressure on them.

The Data

Car Sales Consultant

42% of customers say the best part of the buying experience is the excitement that comes with getting a new car. It's up to the sales team to make sure they keep that excitement alive all the way through the process. Lose that excitement, and you could be stuck with dissatisfied customers, which affects satisfaction scores, repeat business, and referrals.

Delivering that exciting experience is all about remaining customer focused and also working to get customers exactly what they want. To make sure they have a satisfactory experience, you need to make sure you tailor each sales pitch to each individual consumer.

Also, when asked to describe their ideal car salesperson, consumers responded:

  • 66% said "They should work hard to get me the best deal possible."
  • 52% said "They should have expert knowledge of every vehicle on the lot."

Furthermore, finding the right vehicle for a customer's needs is critical. Geitner says the ideal salesperson should operate like a vehicle specialist that can share insight and expertise to help them find the best car for them. He also added that it helps to think about it like you are working on the same team instead of selling to them.

This is why a customer-focused mentality is what your team should focus on. All customers want is for their salesperson to be knowledgeable, helpful and on their side. Not much else matters. To prove that point:

  • 75% of customers are happy to buy from a salesperson of any gender.
  • 69% would buy from someone of any age.

Also, be aware that consumers shy away from pressure. When asked to describe their dream dealership, 53% of customers desired a "no-pressure sales environment." Customers that are pressured may buy today, but they're less likely to come back or give positive recommendations.

Customer Focused

Remaining customer focused will make car buying a fun and rewarding experience for your customers. A helpful and knowledgeable sales staff that doesn't pressure them will help you accomplish this.

Another way to create some happy customers is focusing on subprime. Credit-challenged consumers are sick of being told "no." Get them in a car, and it's likely you've earned a loyal customer who will also be happy to share their positive experience with friends and family.

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