What could be better than getting fresh prospects in your door that are ready to buy? Getting the data that proves which product is working for you, of course!

Help us help you make better decisions by approving and sharing DealerVault sales data through your dealer DMS. As a trusted subprime lead provider for over 20 years, we've partnered with DealerVault to help track sales data in today's changing market.

Gaining Industry Insight With Big Data

By approving DealerVault access, you're granting transparency; allowing your sales data to integrate with us, so you can see how our lead generation services are working for you.

All it takes is your permission and then the process provides seamless integration with turnkey ease. DealerVault's Big Data provides you with intelligence and industry insight when you sign up for our products, such as:

Want to know how you're doing in a specific market? We can tailor data to reflect the KPIs that mean the most to your store. You decide which stats are most important while monitoring how your business is being impacted by the leads we help generate. Use DealerVault's Big Data to your advantage by:Big Data You Can Count On: CarsDirect + Auto Credit Express Partners With DealerVault

  • Gaining industry insight on your terms
  • Comparing pre- and post-Covid changes
  • Tracking lead-to-sale stats for prospecting
  • Monitoring stats by respective OEM’s
  • Tracking consumer purchase patterns
  • Pinpointing audience demographics

Plus, you still get the advanced service you've come to know and love from CarsDirect + Auto Credit Express. You'll gain the advantage by getting real metrics in sales matching, lead-to-sale purchase timing, vehicle inventory trends, social media campaign success, as well as F&I upsell propensities when you partner with us.

What's Working for Your Business?

DealerVault's Big Data helps you track the metrics that matter. Once you can see what's working, you can start taking advantage of the campaigns that are really driving your profit. And, if you want to increase your sales even more, we have many products and services that can make a difference to your store.

One example is our new Social Media Marketing service, which can put a feather in your cap when it comes to grabbing consumer attention online! When you generate your social media campaigns with us, you have more control over your voice in advertising.

Our social media marketing strategy includes:

  • Creative development – When you sign up with us we provide you with unique ad versions, developed just for your store. Each one is designed to grab consumers and intercept the shoppers you're looking for.
  • Audience targeting – Proprietary audience targeting is backed by our 20 years of special finance consumer modeling experience yielding proven results. By using our Big Data with DealerVault, you’ll see the results firsthand.
  • Motivated shoppers – The prospects that interact with both our short form and full form lead applications provide all the information necessary to take them from first call contact right through to contract. This lets your sales staff focus on closing the deal, while we get them in your door.

Don't wait for someone to stumble on your store name while poking around aimlessly online – make sure the prospects you need see you as soon as they start looking for auto loans in your area.

Our partnership with DealerVault and our new Social Media Services are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the edge CarsDirect + Auto Credit Express can bring to your business.

Ready to Get More Out of Your Sales?

Sign up with us today and receive all the benefits of our partnership with DealerVault. This allows us to build strategies with you that can enhance the future of your business using Big Data. Let us help you drive success by reaching out to one of our representatives at 888-535-2277, or fill out our contact form online and one of our experienced sales staff will contact you directly.