A recent article from F&I and Showroom discusses the challenges and opportunities that come with having a multi-generational showroom. Your older car guys sometimes use outdated techniques, but they know how to close a deal. And your younger salespeople may not have a lot of finesse and experience, but they're tech-savvy and they know how to relate to car buying Millennials.

How can you successfully merge these two "worlds" in order to create an efficient and lucrative business?

Eliminate Negativity by Encouraging Teamwork

Whatever you do, don't allow your sales team to divide themselves up into factions. Sure, there are a lot of differences between the seasoned pros and the up-and-comers, but they should be focused on one common goal: They're all there to sell cars and make money for the dealership. And if they pool their talents, they may find that they work incredibly well together.

Younger and Older Car Salespeople

  • Every customer is different. A lot of Millennials seem to favor the less aggressive sales approach largely used by younger salespeople. However, not every buyer is a Millennial, and not every Millennial behaves according to what statistics indicate. A lot of young people grew up watching their parents buy cars from old school salesmen, so they may be comfortable with and gravitate towards a more traditional selling style. And, conversely, many baby boomers have embraced technology, know how to do research, and would be more than happy to do business with a younger salesperson.
  • There is nothing wrong with sharing a sale. It may be the case that certain customers will require both technological know-how and closing finesse. For example, say you're a younger salesperson who is great at discussing vehicle features in a friendly and non-threatening way, and you've spent the afternoon with a young couple looking for a family car. You've sold them on a particular model, but they're still on the fence about buying. Why not call in a more seasoned salesperson to close the deal? While you may not want to share every sale, all sales benefit the dealership, and everybody wins with more sales.
  • Everyone has something to learn and everyone has something to teach. Instead of scoffing at someone else's techniques, why not try to learn a thing or two from that person. You may not wish to incorporate every aspect of someone else's selling style into your own method, but you may pick up a few useful pointers. It would make sense for the Old Guard to get comfortable with technology because, while it is ever changing, it is here to stay. And it would be smart for younger salespeople to allow themselves to benefit from the wisdom of those who have been successfully selling cars for years.

Younger or older, everyone at the dealership is in the same boat, and your ability to work together as a team may mean the difference between failure and fat bonuses.

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