One of the easiest ways for your store to stay on point and meet your bottom line projections is to make sure that your sales staff is always up to date on the latest products and services, and that training is a constant part of their lives as salespeople at your dealership.

Out With the Old Mentality

Car Dealership Training TipsBreaking away from the old dealership mentality is a good place to start with sales training. Even though the job of a salesperson is to sell cars, your management and sales staff should focus on a mentality that puts customers first, not commissions. This way, the salesperson can commit to giving each customer an experience they won’t find anywhere else.

Having a dealership experience that's memorable for all the right reasons can be a big driver toward success in today's market. According to Auto Dealer Today, when your staff is going through training, there should be a focus on:

  • Communication – A dealership that knows how to communicate can more easily work like a well-oiled machine, and customers notice. A consumer who comes into a dealership that knows how to communicate gets taken care of from every angle, which improves their overall experience. When dealerships don't communicate well, customers who are left alone while a salesperson fetches numbers from a manager are likely to be approached by another salesperson who doesn't know they're already being helped.
  • Accountability – When everyone is held accountable your store's success is everyone's responsibility. For this aspect of dealership work, leading by example is the best way to go, which means that it should fall to the F&I manager to ensure accountability is being carried out throughout the day. The standard of practicing accountability can, and should, be used – this goes for dealer principals, as well. Your employees should be able to count on you as an example of what you expect to see from them.
  • Teamwork – As they say, “teamwork makes the dream work,” and this is evident at an auto dealership. Customers can see when everyone at a store has respect for each other and cares about the customer experience. When all departments in your store practice teamwork, it makes the process smooth from start to finish.

Back to the Basics

When your people are learning what it takes to be a car salesperson, there are good lessons instilled in getting back to the basics. These seven training tips can help new and seasoned sales personnel alike:

  1. Get customer names early, remember them, and use them during your interactions. This lets people know you're paying attention and value them.
  2. Ears open, mouth closed. Listen more than you speak when you're with a customer.
  3. Don't forget the eye contact! Nothing says confidence and trust like being able to look someone in the eyes while you're speaking to them (just don't get creepy).
  4. Be patient. Don't push things on your customers because you want to sell them. Let the customer set the pace and tell you what they need. Customers that feel pressured often walk away.
  5. Product knowledge is key. Know your vehicles inside and out. Since today's customers can learn so much online, you should be prepared to give them the details they won't find on the internet.
  6. Keep it real. Don't lie to your customers or promise things you can't deliver. Honesty is always the best policy.
  7. Keep it clean. This means every aspect of you, from appearance to desk top. It helps customers have confidence in you, and it signals that you take pride in yourself and your job.

We Can Help You Focus on Sales

Car dealership training should be among your top priorities as a store. While you're spending time, money, and resources to give your sales staff the latest and greatest training, we want to help you ensure that all they have to focus on is sales. To this end, Auto Credit Express takes pride in helping you cultivate quality leads that come through your door that are ready to buy.

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