One of the hallmarks of great car salespeople is that they know how to close a deal. But closing a deal isn’t always about what the salespeople are saying – it’s about how well they’re listening.

Knowing What Your Customer Wants

Car Sales Closing Techniques Your Salespeople Need to UseSales is an art form, not a science. But, one thing that seems to be consistent among top dealership salespeople is that they don’t continuously talk, but instead listen to their customers. Listening to what the customer wants and needs leads to the ability to ask better qualifying questions. This, in turn, leads to more closed car sales.

Qualifying questions such as “is this the first dealership you’ve visited?’’ or “did our advertising about [vehicle] bring you in today?” can help you gauge what the buyer is looking for and if they’ve already gotten a few offers. Good qualifying questions also let you get to know your customer, which will allow you to use the specific closing technique for that shopper that’ll clinch the deal.

Techniques that Close the Deal

There are plenty of top car sales tactics for your dealership’s salespeople to draw from when closing the deal on a sale. Keep in mind that not every technique is going to work on every customer. Let’s look at a few that can help drive effective car sales:

The Assumptive Close this sales style requires a good bit of confidence to pull off in a positive manner. Simply act as though the customer has made up their mind. You may even fill in a sales sheet as you discuss options and packages, so it’s ready for them to sign at the end of the deal. This technique can be highly effective, but make sure you’re reading the situation correctly before you jump into this closing to avoid coming across as pushy.

Now or Never – this technique can win over an on the fence customer if it’s used correctly. It places a sense of urgency on the deal that lets the customer know that certain rates or cost savings may not be available if they wait to buy. If it’s a discounted deal you’re offering to the customer, make sure you’ve established a sense of value, so they know they really do have to take advantage of the deal now, or never.

The Summary Close this closing strategy helps stress the value and benefit of the vehicle you’re selling while you reiterate the details you’ve already discussed with your customer. It allows you to summarize all their desired needs and features into one vehicle, and a whole package the customer can agree to. When you sum everything up into an attainable goal, it can help you clinch the sale.

In Your Opinion…? this is a great way to address customer concerns or objections. Leading questions with “in your opinion” can be a good way to pre-close, set the tone, and establish the sense of value your customer needs to see before you go into the direct close of stating that you’ve got a deal and all they have to do is sign.

Setting You Up For the Sale

In order for your store to implement these closing techniques, you need to have the right prospects coming in your door, ready to buy. One of the best ways to do this is with our help. With Auto Credit Express on your side, your sales staff can focus on selling cars. We can help set expectations and ensure lead quality for your specific store parameters, and even set the day and time for you to sit down with the buyer.

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