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Automotive News

If anything happens in the industry, we'll provide all of the important details here. Find out what's going on with manufacturers, lenders, compliance laws, and the latest automotive-related studies and reports right now.

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Outsourcing your Call Center is a great way to free up more time for selling cars. Our friendly and knowledgeable service reps can do a lot to help your business even if they are not in your store.

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If you're a Canadian automotive professional, find news, advice and tips on everything that's car-related and specific to Canada right here.

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Effective inventory management is one of the most important aspects of a thriving dealership. Here, you can get expert tips on acquiring, stocking and moving vehicles. Find out how you can make the most out of the real estate you have.

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In-store compliance is crucial to the success of your business. No one wants to spend money on a lawsuit or face expensive fines due to a lack of awareness. Here, you can learn about the ever-changing rules that impact the auto industry and how to make sure your store is always 100% compliant.

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If you are getting into the subprime business, establishing connections with the right kinds of lenders is essential. To make lender relationships easier to navigate, we offer information about how to find, communicate and work with the best lenders both nationwide and in your specific area.

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Getting your message out is the only way to get customers into your business. The latest advertising strategies are covered here, as well as valuable tips on how to get the most out of your marketing dollars.

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From your salespeople to your finance managers, to your in-store technicians, you want to staff your store with motivated and highly trained professionals. Here, you can learn the latest techniques for keeping your staff in the know and at the top of their game.

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Press Release

Find out what's going on in the auto industry and at Auto Credit Express with the latest news. If something happens that will affect your business, we'll give you the details here.

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Sales Leads

Getting the best sales leads is an important part of growing and maintaining your subprime department. Find out way Auto Credit Express is the industry leader when it comes to subprime sales leads and how you can get these leads into your store.

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Sales Process

No matter how long you have been in the business, you can always pick up a new tip on how to close a deal. Get the latest insider info and strategies on ways to simplify and improve the sales process in your store.

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Your service center is vital to the success of your store. Find out how to entice customers to come to you for their car repair maintenance needs and keep them coming back.

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Subprime Auto Software

A lot goes into working a subprime deal, but our patented LotPro

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Are you looking for information on the latest in-vehicle technology so that you can better explain it to your customers? Or do you want to find out about innovative ways to provide services and information to tech-savvy car shoppers? All things tech-related are discussed right here.

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Get the most out of your staff with the latest tips and advice on training techniques. From selling strategies to F&I compliance solutions, we cover all of the important dealership roles.

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