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Getting the best sales leads is an important part of growing and maintaining your subprime department. Find out way Auto Credit Express is the industry leader when it comes to subprime sales leads and how you can get these leads into your store.

The Credit Bureaus Concur: Subprime Auto Loans are Trending Downward - Banner The Credit Bureaus Concur: Subprime Auto Loans are Trending Downward

TransUnion, Experian, and Equifax have all released reports or data in the last few weeks that show subprime lending is on a downward trend while originations in other risk tiers are steadily increasing.

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A Plan for Your Dealership with Subprime Car Loan Originations Declining - Banner A Plan for Your Dealership with Subprime Car Loan Originations Declining

Data from a recent survey and Experian indicates that the number of subprime car loan originations is declining, but we know a way to make sure your dealership can thrive in these tightening times.

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Introducing Qualified New Car Leads from Auto Credit Express - Banner Introducing Qualified New Car Leads from Auto Credit Express

Since 1993, Auto Credit Express has been helping car dealers sell more vehicles with our industry-leading products and services, which now include new car leads powered by CarsDirect.

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two dealership salespeople Go from Car Lead to Sale Quickly by Targeting the Right Car Buyers

Finding fresh auto sales leads for your store can be a challenge. It can be an even bigger challenge to turn car leads into sales. That?s why we?ve come up with three tools that can help your store generate more leads into sales.

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couple buying a car at dealership Stand Above Your Brand in Dealership Lead Responsiveness with our New Car Leads

In a recent dealership lead responsiveness study, Pied Piper Management Co. found the industry's performance improved, but there's still a lot of work to be done. At Auto Credit Express, we want to show you how to more efficiently find customers that are worth contacting to help you stand above your brand in lead responsiveness.

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dealership saleswoman How to Improve Dealership Customer Retention at Your Store

Customer loyalty is one of the most important aspects to establishing a successful dealership and should be a top priority for anyone in the business. It?s not always easy to keep customers, but your store can improve customer retention using a number of strategies.

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car gift Move More Used Car Inventory: Used Car Leads from Auto Credit Express

If your dealership is looking to move more used car inventory, Auto Credit Express can provide more inventory exposure and qualified used car leads to help you out.

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car dealership office Automotive Bankruptcy Lead Management for Your Dealership

Auto Credit Express wants to help your dealership develop an effective, efficient, and consistent lead management system ? especially when it comes to special finance and bankruptcy leads.

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dealership desk What You Should Know About Your Subprime Customer

Subprime customers are a great segment of the market with the potential to make you a serious profit. So, what makes these customers unique, and how do they tick? We offer some insights to understanding these special buyers.

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car salesman helping customer buy car Why Our Leads Are Premium

Auto Credit Express is a premium lead generating service and has been a leader in the subprime industry for almost twenty years. When you make the decision to use our special finance services, your company will see a higher quality lead, a more prepared customer, and excellent ROI.

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