Closing a car sale can be difficult and time consuming. It is important to do everything possible to put customers at ease and help guide them through the process. While there is no guarantee of success, new research from CDK Global has uncovered helpful language that could assist you in closing deals at your store.

Sell SUVs

SUV Car Sales

CDK Global’s Language of Closers research has identified three words that your salespeople should use when speaking to customers that are interested in SUVs. These words are:

  • Family
  • Price
  • Room

SUV customers typically are looking for a large, affordable vehicle that they can transport their family in. Using these words in a conversation will help them recognize that the vehicle that they are looking at will meet their needs. These buyers may also form an emotional connection with the vehicle knowing that their family members will be taken care of.

Move Sedans

CDK's research has also pinpointed which words to use when selling sedans. It has shown that you should incorporate these words into your sales pitch:

  • Climate
  • Comfort
  • Passing

Sedan shoppers are commonly looking for a vehicle that they can travel comfortably in. While comfort and functionality are both important, luxury appointments are reserved for those interested in mid-size sedans.

Push Mid-Size Sedans

Although mid-size sedans are similar to regular sedans, the Language of Closers research has shown that your sales team should use different words like:

  • Expensive
  • Impressed
  • Luxury

Mid-size sedan customers can be high-end and wish to impress others. They place value in trading money for a higher societal status. Your salespeople stand to benefit by pushing the fact that mid-size sedans can be expensive and impressive to others.

Unload Trucks

CDK Global writes that your store has a better chance of unloading trucks by using the following words:

  • Ride
  • Trailer
  • Reliable

Customers that are shopping for trucks are frequently looking for vehicles that have other functions besides traveling from point A to point B. These buyers often want a truck that can tow trailers and other equipment. Other aspects such as price, comfort, and luxury are not as important.

Never Use Jargon

Avoid using jargon. Jason Kessler, the lead data scientist at CDK Global, states that “jargon isn't helping convert potential customers.” He suggests using the particular words that resonate with car buyers, instead.

Sell Cars Easier

While you now know which words to use, it can just as tough getting customers through the door. Our team at Auto Credit Express understands this problem and has the solutions.

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