As we move into another week of uncertainty with the coronavirus, or COVID-19, pandemic, many businesses are finding new ways to keep working while keeping close contact between people at a minimum. In a business that counts on a steady flow of people coming in for test drives, here are some tips on how to keep your car dealership showroom running.

Taking it One Day at a Time

Creating a Cleaner, New Normal in Your Dealership ShowroomMany dealerships are finding creative solutions to the ongoing health crisis by limiting the number of employees that can be in one place at a time. With the CDC recommendation to stay at least six feet apart to help slow the spread of the coronavirus, having as many people working from home as possible can help.

For those employees that have to come into the showroom to do business where allowed, like sales personnel, many dealer groups are creating rotating schedules to cut down on crowds. Avoiding close contact in a car is impossible, so, at this time, salespeople should avoid accompanying prospects on test drives.

Short of medically screening all your employees and shoppers as they come through the door, it’s difficult to tell if someone is carrying COVID-19. For this reason, having more than one of each model available to test drive is also important. This way, you can space out appointments, and give staff a chance to thoroughly disinfect each vehicle between test drives.

Some dealerships are taking the time of lower foot traffic to get some deep cleaning done. One area to start on is your waiting room. Start by cutting down on seating and make sure all chairs are spaced the recommended distance of six feet apart. Also, make sure all surfaces are wiped down on a regular basis. You can also have one person, who’s properly equipped with safety gear such as gloves, in charge of concierge services – making coffee to bring to a waiting shopper, and taking care of other customer needs.

Another trend that some dealers are noting is an upswing in online traffic. Being stuck inside is a perfect time to do some research and start looking for a new car – and many prospects are taking advantage of that. This trend shows that the pace of sales may be slowing, but it isn’t going to stop completely, especially in an auto industry that tends to be resilient.

Helping Prospects Find Your Car Dealership Online

With so many shoppers starting their next car buying journey from the comfort of their own homes, one thing you can do is make sure the prospects in your area see what you have to offer.

Ensure consumers can find the vehicles in your inventory that they’re looking for with our help. Here at Auto Credit Express, we have partnered with CarsDirect Connect, which can offer you high visibility on over 130 automotive websites for your new and used car inventory.

Another option that can help during this uncertain time is to set up prospect contact by appointment only, and that’s another area where we can help. When you partner with us, you not only get proprietary lead access, you get the help of our professional BDC call center services.

Our automotive BDC can make sure that your prospects aren’t falling through the cracks created by a reduction in store staffing. We help ensure first call contact, verify consumer information, and even set appointments according to your schedule. This way, you can be sure that the prospects coming through your doors are ready for the process, and ready to buy.

We’re Open for Your Business

While staffing your store in person can be a challenge right now, you don’t have to miss out on prospects that are looking to buy. At Auto Credit Express, we want to help by putting our award-winning lead generation service to work for your car dealership, and supporting your staff with our automotive BDC. But, that’s not all we can do.

In tough times, we want to help you keep your business on the leading edge. To find out what we can do for your store, give us a call at 888-535-2277 or simply fill out our contact form online and we’ll get back to you.