It’s no easy task running and managing a dealership. As a leader, you deal with customers, managers, salesmen, and inventory to name just a few. Because the automotive market is constantly changing, coming up with goals for your store can be both exciting and challenging.

Leadership Strategies for Your Dealership’s Goals

Being a leader in the process is important, and to be an effective leader means taking the time to plan and communicate.

How do you go about approaching a new goal? If this is your first major switch in goals you may not know how to approach your team. With some tips from the CBT Automotive Network, here are two ways you can implement leadership strategies that keep – and improve – your dealership’s goals:

  • Evaluate your goals and principles – What were your original areas of focus, and what has changed since then? For example, if your dealership focused on providing the best new car deals, but the automotive market for new car sales is declining, you may want to consider refocusing. This doesn’t mean eliminating your original goals, but adjusting them. You can continue to provide excellent new car deals while getting more customers through the door with a mix of used car deals.
  • Communicate and collaborate – Once you have a new goal set, the next step is to communicate with your staff. Prepare some data about the topic, and explain why your dealership needs to implement this new strategy. A data-supported, motivating presentation of your new goals will leave your staff excited and eager to attain them. Leave room for your team to ask questions and make suggestions, it’s important that everyone in your dealership is on the same page with implementation.

After you meet with your staff and discuss what you have planned for the dealership, the CBT Automotive Network suggests meeting with specific staff members and discussing how their role fits into the new goal. This is how you set targets – by meeting one-on-one with managers and lead car salesmen. Because each staff member has a different role, you’ll need to explain specifically what their target goal is. You do this is through SMART goals:

  • Dealership Goal Setting: Align Sales and Other Departments with Dealership GoalsSpecific – Set goals specific to that person’s role.
  • Measurable – The goal must be measured or easy to track.
  • Achievable – Make it challenging, but not unattainable.
  • Relevant – Don’t make the goal out of line with your overall goal for the dealership.
  • Time-based – Set a date when you want the goal to be accomplished.

After you’ve met with your staff, both as a whole and individually with key players, compile everything you’ve gathered and have one more meeting. In this meeting, explain how each team’s role fits into the new goal so everyone is aware of what’s going on. This can help your staff feel more comfortable, while assuring them that everyone is working together to complete the goal. As the action plan is being implemented, have routine check-ins with managers to make sure the process is going smoothly.

Setting a Car Sales Target with Us

Take advantage of resources that can help you and your dealership achieve the goals you set. Bringing in quality customers to your store without the hassle of cold calls and internal lead generation can be crucial. In fact, connecting with dealer-focused services and tools can help make your dealership more marketable and competitive.

At Auto Credit Express, we have many tools that are proven to get more customers through your door – no matter what your store’s goals are. If you’re looking to increase the type of customers you want to help finance, our subprime auto leads can bring in potential car buyers who have trouble finding a dealer to work with. If you’re focused more on inventory, our new car leads and used car leads can get your dealership’s inventory listed across Internet Brands Automotive Group websites, including some big names like CarsDirect.

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