In the digital advertising age, direct mail campaigns —when executed correctly— have the potential to stand out, have an impact, and make consumers feel valued. Auto Credit Express can help your dealership carry out highly targeted and effective special finance direct mail campaigns.

Direct Mail's Place in the Digital Age

People are bombarded with digital advertisements these days, whether it's on social media, in email inboxes, or any other number of places. It can be overwhelming, causing consumers to become desensitized to most of it. When consumers can ignore digital ads, it's clear they aren't making a meaningful impact.

Believe it or not, several studies have found that digital mail can boost the value of direct mail. No matter how digital our world gets, there's still that moment every single day that most people check their mailbox. It's ingrained in our everyday routine, so don't think that direct mail is a thing of the past.

man reading mail, man checks his mailIn 2015, Canada Post teamed up with True Impact Marketing to compare the impact of direct mail versus digital mail. They found that paper mail was more impactful, memorable, and persuasive. Here are just a few of the study's interesting findings:

  • Direct mail requires 21 percent less brain power to process compared to digital media, indicating it's easier to understand.
  • Direct mail is more memorable and elicits a much higher brand recall.
  • With direct mail, consumer motivation response was 20 percent higher than with digital media, showing that it's more persuasive and more likely to drive behavior.

Targeted Direct Mail

A big reason why direct mail campaigns can still be successful is that, while digital ads are everywhere, they're less targeted. Perfectly executed mailers can reach the right prospects at the right time with the right message.

Auto Credit Express can help your store reach the right special finance buyers in your area with our targeted, big data-driven approach. Here's what sets us apart:

  • Highly Targeted - Use proprietary pinpoint data filters to target the exact types of customers you want. We conduct detailed market studies to help you target buyers using filters that include credit score ranges, bankruptcy information, repossession information, income ranges, and how recently they've had an auto loan.
  • Personalized Touch - Our ACE Branded Credit Select Mailers include a personalized and branded card. It features the customer's name and the name of your dealership in raised type, allowing your store to stand out.
  • A Clear Message - The Canada Post study found direct mail was easier to process than digital ads. Our messages are simple and to the point. We show consumers that your store wants to help them get approved for financing, even if they're struggling with bad credit.

The Bottom Line

At Auto Credit Express, we've been crafting successful direct mail campaigns for car dealerships for close to 20 years, but that's not all we offer. Learn more about our unmatched special finance leads, LotPro software and other great dealer products and services by calling us at 888-535-2277. If you're too busy to talk now, just fill out our contact form online and we'll get in touch with you.