As important as it is to embrace new technologies and social media for advertising purposes at your car dealership, it’s also important to retain some of the more traditional advertising avenues. One way you can do this is with targeted automotive direct mail campaigns from Auto Credit Express.

Why Use Our Direct Mail?

Direct Mail Can Still Make a Big ImpactWith a targeted direct mail campaign from ACE, your store gets the benefit of our years of experience in the subprime automotive space.

Some companies need to rely on gimmicks to get people in the door, but we know that nothing compares to knowing your target audience and what they need.

With our help, you can send consumer-focused mailers that offer real solutions for their automotive needs. Our tailored campaigns are based on market studies and proprietary data filters which you can use to target the exact prospects you’re aiming for.

To get the prospects in your dealership’s doors, you can configure your mailers by last loan date, credit score, income, bankruptcy discharge date, or location, to name a few.

Helping to draw even more attention to your store, not only are our mailers highly personalized, they’re understated and professional. Our branded, raised-letter cards help you stand out from the crowd and don’t scream “junk” like some other mailers do.

Tips for Effective Direct Mail Campaigns

Here are some tips for making your direct mail campaigns as effective as possible:

  • Use personalized mailers – When you send a distinct piece of mail to a specific customer, they’re much more likely to take notice. By using real, personalized direct mail pieces, you get the customers you’re looking for, not car shoppers that aren’t serious buyers.
  • Target the right crowd – One of the best strategies for getting prospects through your doors with an automotive mailer is to make sure you know your audience. Don’t send out blanket mailers, target the consumers you need by letting your audience know that you’re prepared to meet their needs when the time is right.
  • Have a clear message – Make sure your direct mail tells your customers that your goal is to sell them the vehicle that they need. Be direct! Historically, the most successful direct mail campaigns let consumers know how to achieve the desired result.
  • Remember this is only one way to reach prospects – Direct mail doesn’t have to compete with your digital marketing strategies. In fact, direct mail and online marketing can work well together. Let your direct mailer tell people that there’s more than one way to shop with you, and tell online users that they can expect to get direct mail from you. You can reach an even larger audience by allowing both campaigns to work hand in hand.

We’re More than Mailers

At Auto Credit Express, we can help your dealership increase its direct mail presence, but that’s not all we offer. We can do so much more to help your store bring in prospects with our array of products and services.

Targeted direct mail is only the tip of the iceberg when you work with us. We also provide bankruptcy marketing, dedicated BDC services, and we’re an award-winning provider of subprime auto leads, as well as new and used car leads powered by CarsDirect Connect.

Whether you find your dealership in need of one service to help increase your market presence, or want to take advantage of a combination of services and products to help boost your sales, we want to help. Just give us a call at 888-535-2277 to find out what we can do for your dealership. Or, you can fill out our online contact form and one of our friendly, knowledgeable staff members will reach out to you!