Does it ever feel like you're fighting an uphill battle trying to get prospects to come through your dealership's doors? At Auto Credit Express, we understand the importance of bringing in real car buyers, and we want to help you get them in your showroom ready to buy with our trusted direct mail campaigns.

Direct Mail in the News

In light of recent direct mail campaigns in the news, you may be wondering if direct mail is safe or viable anymore. It's understandable that your store may be more than hesitant to send anything out to consumers, especially after recent charges in Indiana were brought against two Texas-based marketing firms.

The most recent charges, filed by Indiana Attorney General Curtis Hill, allege that mailings claimed recipients to be winners of significant prizes, which turned out to be much less valuable than advertised. This comes after Hill won a judgment in January against a Texas-based firm for violating the Indiana Deceptive Consumer Sales Act, as well as the Indiana Promotional Gifts and Contests Act.

After seeing these kinds of stories in the news, we understand how hard it can be to wade through the nonsense and know who to trust.

No Gimmicks, No Free Prizes

Direct Mail Focusing on Real Car BuyersWhile some companies rely on gimmicks and prizes to pull people into dealerships, we know that nothing compares to knowing what consumers need, and offering the solutions they're looking for. We want to help you focus the intent of your mailers using direct mail campaigns that target real car buyers looking for real solutions to their automotive needs.

We help you tailor a direct mail campaign based on market studies and proprietary data filters. You can target prospects in a number of ways using data filters such as credit score, income, last loan date, and bankruptcy discharge date, to name just a few. This means you can reach out to the types of car buyers that best fit your store's needs.

Additionally, direct mail from us doesn't scream "junk mail." Our mailers include an Auto Credit Express-branded card with a prospect's name, as well as your dealership's name in raised print. Not only are they personalized, they're professional and understated.

Let us help you produce a direct mail program that's tried, true, and gets results. As a leader in the subprime automotive market, we've been helping dealers just like you get the customers they need through their doors for over 20 years. You can rest assured we're ready to do the same for you.

So Much More than Mailers

With our direct mail services, or any of our other trusted products, we've got you covered at Auto Credit Express. We've been an award-winning leader in the subprime lead market for years, and now we can offer you new and used car leads, too, through our partnership with CarsDirect Connect. Plus, our automotive BDC call center can help you manage your leads, and ensure that only the most ready-to-buy customers come though your doors.

To see how we can help you get your store name in the hands of consumers who need you most, give us a call today at 888-535-2277. No time to call? Just fill out our easy online contact form, and someone on our team will reach out to you. Don't delay, see how we can help you today!