Automotive direct mailers may seem antiquated in an increasingly digital e-commerce world. Yet, every day, just about every single person in this country checks their mailbox at some point. Old habits die hard, and your dealership can reach new buyers with a targeted and personalized direct mail marketing approach.

Special Finance Automotive Direct Mailers

Auto Credit Express wants to help your store hit the ground running with your automotive direct mailers. Our advanced special finance direct mail services are designed to help car dealers target untapped leads with professional and personalized messages that stand out from the crowd.

We can help your store set up campaigns that specifically target certain buyers in your area to increase the chances of consumers coming through your door. Our market studies and databases allow your store to utilize proprietary data filters, so you can rest assured knowing that your dealership is reaching out to the types of car buyers you’re looking for.

We leverage brand integrity, big data, and a targeted approach to bring your store a direct mail service that's a notch above the rest:

  • Direct Mail for Car Dealers: How Can You Take Advantage?Brand Integrity: Auto Credit Express is a leader in the subprime automotive space. Our vast web presence, website full of helpful advice and content, A+ Better Business Bureau rating, and 8.4 TrustPilot rating all work together to let consumers know we are an authority. Our automotive direct mailers include an ACE-branded card with the name of the customer and your dealership in raised print. This helps the mailers stand out, and provides an appeal that makes consumers want to know what this offer is all about. Plus, our mailers are highly personalized, professional, and understated – they don't scream "junk mail" the way other mailers can.
  • Big Data: We're one of the nation's foremost providers of special finance leads, and we've curated one of the country's largest database of subprime buyers as a result. We also conduct detailed market studies to keep information accurate and up to date. With fresh information on buyers from all areas of the country, you can reach out to those consumers that best fit the profile you're looking for at a time when they're most likely to convert. Plus, we don’t share direct mail lead information between dealerships, so you can bank on the fact that our leads are never double-dipped.
  • Targeted: You won't find a shotgun approach with our automotive direct mailers. We use proprietary data filters to allow your dealership to target specific types of prospects. You can filter by credit score, date of last auto loan, income, bankruptcy discharge dates, and more. With a virtually endless number of filter combinations, you can increase conversion rates by targeting your ideal customers. Plus, we pull fresh data each month, so your store can know the market better than your competitors.

The Bottom Line

Auto Credit Express wants to help your dealership succeed by delivering highly personalized, data-backed, and targeted automotive direct mailers. After all, it's not about how many customers you can reach, it's about getting the right ones through your doors.

If you aren't getting in on the action, what are you waiting for? Our direct mail services for car dealers offer an easy and effective way to reach new customers and drive sales. Learn more and join in on the success by giving us a call at 888-535-2277. Or, you can fill out the contact form on our website and we'll reach out to you.