Why should you use direct mail to attract the leads that you want to bring into your store? Mail is personalized, and it is tangible. A printed piece of mail speaks directly to a potential customer in a way that an internet ad cannot. But what separates an effective mailer from mere "junk mail?"

The Difference is in the Details

direct mail
Americans receive a great deal of mail from lots of companies, and most "flyers" and "special offers" end up being tossed after (maybe) a brief glance. Therefore, if you're spending your advertising budget on marketing materials that just end up in the trash, you're just throwing money away. In order to avoid doing that, you have to invest in a product that works.

  • Visual Appeal: Effective mailers should immediately engage your prospective leads and look like something that is worth their time and attention. So, if your mailers look professional and important, if they pique a customer's interest right away, they're far less likely to be discarded.
  • The Right Audience: This is the most necessary feature of effective direct mail because people pay attention to things that relate to their needs. Who needs the services offered by your business? Clearly, you make sure that you're targeting only your ideal customers with your direct mail campaign. Then you won't be wasting time and resources.

Getting Your Message into the Right Hands

If you want to sell vehicles to certain consumers, you need direct mailers that utilize the most strategic filter combinations. You may want buyers who have very recently been discharged from a bankruptcy and have credit scores within a certain range. Or, maybe you're looking for clients who have had repossessions in the past and bring in a particular amount of income. A good direct mail product can target your perfect customer and bring them right to your door.

Auto Credit Express Delivers

Our endless filter combinations and pinpoint data make our direct mailers the best on the market. In addition to everything else that we offer, our mailers feature both the dealer name and the prospect name. Thus, adding credibility to the offer and inspiring confidence in the consumer. And our open and conversion rates speak for themselves.

Partner with Auto Credit Express for your next direct mail push, and we guarantee that you will see positive results.

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