Direct mailers from Auto Credit Express are unique in a number of ways. First of all, using our mailers allows you to take advantage of our proprietary pinpoint data. This means that your campaign can be customized to bring in the exact types of customers that you want.

Our direct mail also has a very professional look and every piece comes with an Auto Credit Express branded card. This is important because customers recognize our name. Even if they don't, they can quickly find our website. Here, they will see that we are an established and reputable company that offers assistance to car buyers with bad credit.

Why Our Branded Direct Mail Inspires Buyers to Take Action

Direct Mail Services

When a consumer visits our website, they are greeted with the fact that we have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. They will also discover that we have primarily favorable reviews on TrustPilot and Google My Business.

Our consumer-facing site is simple to navigate, attractive and constantly updated. And with prominently displayed "Apply" buttons, we make it easy for casual browsers to become applicants. Here are a few of the other resources that we offer consumers:

  • Our Blog: The blog covers topics ranging from automotive news, credit repair, car buying and repossession to bankruptcy and more. A new article is published every single day, so there is always fresh content to explore.
  • Videos: We offer a wide range of well-produced videos that address a number of the questions that subprime car buyers often have. These videos are well-organized, easily accessible and informative.
  • Auto Loan Calculators: Under the "Credit Tools" section of our website, we offer two different calculators. One allows buyers to get an estimate of how much they might be approved for when applying for an auto loan. The other one allows them to calculate a possible monthly payment amount.

Finally, the "About" tab takes buyers to testimonials from other customers and an overview of the history of our company. Here, they can read about how we started nearly two decades ago and see a picture of our actual office building located in Southeast Michigan. It's easy for them to see that, yes, we are a very REAL company.

So, if a consumer receives our branded mailer, just a few minutes of research will prove to them that we can help them with their car-buying needs. But it's your number on the mailer, so guess who they're going to call. That's right. The dealer that's associated with us.

Subprime Sales Leads, Direct Mail and Other Innovative Products

If you're looking to grow your subprime sales department, Auto Credit Express offers everything you need for success. We can provide you with the best sales leads in the industry, as well as direct mail that will change the way you think about mailer campaigns. And that's not all.

We can also set your store up with our LotPro® subprime management system, BK Marketing tools, BDC services and more. Just give us a call at 888-535-2277 to find out what we can do for your business. Or, you can simply fill out the convenient contact form on our website.