In the world of automotive sales, times are changing. Gone are the days when customers visit a dealership expecting to find the vehicle they’ve been looking for with the guidance of an experienced salesperson.

Customers Know What They Want

consumer online researchAccording to AutoTrader, today’s consumers spend an average of 14 hours online researching vehicles before choosing a used vehicle to buy. When these already-well-informed consumers come through your door, they’re looking for answers they couldn’t find online, and for a salesperson to back up what they found in their research.

Customers who come into the dealership typically have their sights set on something specific already. Your sales staff needs to be able to earn the trust of these consumers, by knowing what information they’ve already seen and supplementing it with key points about the vehicle they’re looking at. In this case, salespeople need to provide information such as the vehicle's safety features, technology packages, and other customer reviews.

By focusing on the car, a salesperson can learn exactly what the customer's looking for in a vehicle and base suggestions on their wants and needs. Remember, today’s customers are already distrustful, so pushing them toward a vehicle that wasn’t already on their radar could potentially drive them out the door.

Fighting Fire with Fire

Because sales consultants are the experts when it comes to car sales, consumers most likely will come in with specific questions which they had trouble researching beforehand. Since it’s impossible for salespeople to have an encyclopedic knowledge of every vehicle, they need to embrace the technology that their customers are using.

Knowing what information is out there, and how to back it up, will be key in turning shoppers into buyers. Another thing to note about today’s consumers is that they’re not always interested in the lowest price. Often, they're looking for quality vehicles at a fair price. Being confident and knowledgeable by providing customers with evidence-based proof will boost their confidence in a salesperson. In addition, showing them the value and benefits in their choice of a vehicle let’s a customer know that their research time wasn’t spent in vain.

Getting Prepared Buyers in Your Door

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