With all of the new technology that's out there – social media, websites, and email marketing – some dealerships may think these are the only ways to drive traffic to their store in this day and age. However, just because some dealership marketing ideas aren't new or digitally enhanced doesn't mean they don't work, like direct mail, for instance.

Old Idea, New Twist

Finding Ways to Make Direct Mail New AgainOne reason to consider sticking with direct mail campaigns in the digital age is that direct mail works. A study by the USPS has shown that 81 percent of people scan or read their physical mail daily. That's a big share of the population that you could be missing out on if your dealership doesn't use direct mail.

If your experience contradicts the notion that direct mail campaigns can be a successful marketing tool for selling cars, then maybe it's time you put a new spin on your idea of direct mail.

Here are a few pointers on ways to drive your dealership’s marketing strategy for direct mail:

  • Know your audience. Having the right message reach the right audience is a big step toward success in a direct mail campaign. Make sure you take advantage of targeted marketing strategies to help you accomplish this goal.
  • Personalization makes customers take notice. When you send personalized mailers, your target audience knows that you're looking for their business, not just anyone’s business.
  • Fill a need, or correct a problem. Customers are typically emotionally driven, so make sure your mailers are letting them know that you know their needs and you can help.
  • Have a clear message, and a call to action. You want consumers to visit your store and buy a vehicle. Let them know that! Successful direct mail campaigns let people know what to do, and how to do it. For example, if you want people to know there's more than one way to shop with you, include all your contact information, including your address, website, and phone number.
  • Integrate your direct mail with your online presence. Tell your online consumers to be on the lookout for your direct mail, then build your direct mail list from your social media interactions, and vice versa. Let your direct mail list know that you have a social media presence, so they know where to look for more information.

Make a Comeback with ACE

They say what goes around, comes around, and that history repeats itself. These sentiments are certainly true in American culture today – just look at the comeback vinyl records are making. Direct mail has never really died, but if you want it to make a "comeback" at your dealership, why not let us help?

As the cost of online marketing increases, you can take advantage of offline channels to provide the ROI you're looking for! We have plenty of ways to help get your direct mail campaign up and running, and direct mail from us builds your brand integrity.

Auto Credit Express has been a leader in the subprime automotive space for over 20 years, providing quality subprime leads to dealers like you. Our highly customizable approach to automotive direct mail allows your dealership to target specific prospects with personalized mailers and fresh data every month!

Get Your Direct Mail Going Now!

Our data-backed direct mail campaigns allow you to reach the right customers and drive them through your door. Here at Auto Credit Express, we also offer a wide range of services and support that can help your store make the most of the leads you need.

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