As a prelude to the 2010 NADA trade show, we just announced a 30 day free trial of our 24 online video special finance training series. The series is an entry level sub prime sales process for dealerships whose goal is to achieve long term success in subprime. Each online video builds the foundation necessary for long term success by distributing subprime roles, responsibilities, and knowledge amongst many groups within the store; sales, management, F & I, and administrative personnel.

To utilize the online training system store personnel will need access to a computer with high speed internet connection and speakers or headphones. Additionally we recommend a printer and a binder or folder to store forms in.

The E-Classroom Modules are segregated by role within the dealership; Sales personnel for example have around 10 recommended modules to complete whereas management personnel have about 15 recommended modules to complete. Each module contains up to four components; forms and update notes, classroom instruction, a practical application or demonstration, and a quiz.

Prior to launching the classroom segment view, download, or print the module update notes and forms. Some forms are Optional. For example, in the Interpreting Credit Reports module there are sample formats for each of the three major bureaus. If your store only uses one bureau there is no need to download or print the other two.

After you have reviewed the specific course forms, advance to the classroom video. After the classroom portion is complete it will advance to the demonstration portion of the course. Once that's complete there is a quiz.

You can view the modules and take the quizzes as often as you like. Only the most recent quiz is recorded. To pass the module you have to achieve a quiz score of 80% or higher. You should be able to complete the curriculum within 3 weeks. Most Individual modules are quick and last only 15 to 20 minutes; others may take up to an hour.

To get started, complete our quick dealership survey. Shortly after that you will be contacted with a UserID and Password to access the system. There is no obligation.