Auto Credit Express can help your dealership manage all your leads with the Customer Module of our LotPro system. It's a must for dealerships trying to gain ground in the subprime space, and it can also help your store reach new levels of success with the right plan of attack.

4 Tips for Dealership Success with a New CRM

dealership sales deskMark Vickery, the senior director of performance management for VinSolutions, stresses the importance of spending time and energy developing a plan of attack after purchasing a new CRM and before implementing it. Vickery, previously appearing in Auto Remarketing, offers these four steps dealerships should follow:

1. Get Your Staff to Buy-In – It's critical to communicate with your team about the new CRM and the switch. Explain how it'll help them do their jobs more effectively and how it'll be an operational upgrade. Get them to see the value, and they'll be more willing to get on board with the new system.

2. Form a Partnership with the CRM Provider – The move will be much more fruitful if you form a partnership with your provider. With clear and open communication, you can discuss your needs and goals so they can tailor your experience to support you.

3. Accurate Data is Everything – If your store is switching over, you need to carefully move the data from your old CRM and from your DMS to the new system. When salespeople can't rely on the new CRM's data, they'll struggle to get on board.

4. Assemble a CRM Team – Think about who'll do what and get input from the people who'll use the system the most for a smoother transition. Vickery recommends naming a CRM leader to be in charge and serve as the primary point of contact with the provider.

Don't rush the setup phase when your dealership is getting a new CRM. Spend the effort and time establishing the details and implementation so the new system can help your store deliver the results and ROI you expect.

Team up with Auto Credit Express

Auto Credit Express assists car dealers and special finance managers with our superior subprime leads, products, and services. The CRM, a part of our LotPro software, can help your store more easily and effectively manage leads, walk-ins, and phone traffic.

LotPro streamlines communication and lead processing to help your store close more deals. You can automatically import leads, assign leads to salespeople, and set appointments and follow-up communication. You can also track customers down the sales funnel, and sort appointments and tasks so nobody slips through the cracks. Our CRM can do all of this and more, making it the complete solution for your store.

Auto Credit Express wants to do the heavy lifting for your dealership. Our leading dealer products and services can help increase the speed, customer satisfaction, and profitability of your deals. Reach out to our team to learn more by calling 888-535-2277. Or, you can fill out our contact form online and we'll get back to you.