It's getting to be a common thread among industry professionals and marketing specialists to tell you you've got to move your business online, get with the times, and start selling over social media. Those practices are all well and good, but do you know how to accomplish these goals?

Though you might consider hiring a Generation Z member to manage your store's social media marketing, we've got some tips you can use to get your feet wet before taking the plunge.

Why Move to Social Media?

How to Use Social Media to Your Advantage (and Sell More Cars)Maybe your store's doing just fine, and you figure if it isn't broken, you shouldn't fix it – which has always been sound advice.

However, as the car buying population shifts from Baby Boomers and Gen Xers that grew up watching TV and listening to the radio to Millennials and Gen Zers that do everything on demand, your sales strategy should start shifting as well. This way, your store can continue to do just fine amidst the changing times.

The new generations of car-buying Americans expect to be able to do what they want, when they want to do it. One way that they figure out what they want is by browsing through a constant stream of social media sites and apps.

Tips for Selling through Social Media

The first step to selling more through social media is creating a personal brand. Keep your online persona professional and keep in mind what you want people to experience about you and your business.

Be mindful of the customer's standpoint and:

  • Build social profiles – When you build your online social profiles, you should be consistent with the message you want to convey. Do you want people to be drawn in by how much fun people have shopping for a car at your dealership? Do you offer great incentives to get prospects in the door? These are the things you need to focus on as you build your profiles. Whether you snap, tweet, or post, be sure you have a marketable message that's clear and attention getting.
  • Pinpoint platforms – Knowing who your customers are helps you choose the platform to start with. We suggest building a following on a few (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, YouTube, WhatsApp, Reddit, and LinkedIn, to name a few) to see which works best for your store.
  • Commit to your content – Once your presence is established on a platform, you need to take the time to maintain it. Be committed to prospecting through your chosen platform for at least 30 minutes a day, and be consistent in producing and posting new content. Whether you post a picture of a new vehicle once a day or once a week, pick a schedule and stick to it. It can be more beneficial to ramp up content than to scale back, but be careful not to overwhelm your prospects.
  • Get customer reviews – It's important that the people you're trying to reach interact with you through social media. It's not enough to have a following; you need to know that the people following you are getting your message. A great way to make sure that your social media presence is going in the right direction is to ask for customers to review their experience at your store on your social media platforms. This way, people who are looking for their next car can see the kind of experience others are having. Today, more people are looking at customer reviews than professional reviews for products, services, and experiences.
  • Share customer success stories – To really drive your message home, share success stories on your social media platforms.

Get the Customers You're Looking For!

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