When it comes to getting the freshest bankruptcy leads around, Auto Credit Express wants to be the first name that comes to mind. For over 20 years, we've been providing fresh, quality bankruptcy leads, subprime auto leads, BDC services, and more to car dealerships around the country, and we will continue to do so throughout 2020.

Why Get Your Leads from Us?

Kick Off New Year Sales with Fresh Bankruptcy LeadsWhen you get your bankruptcy leads from Auto Credit Express, we ensure that you get the leads you need at the right time. Our targeted bankruptcy marketing campaigns allow you to set up the parameters that are right for your store.

With our targeted drip campaigns, you can be sure that your leads are coming from buyers that meet your needs. We don't shotgun leads, which means you're not getting the same leads that other dealerships are getting, and you can customize the parameters to receive the leads that meet your needs.

Ease into the new year by choosing one of our three preset bankruptcy marketing mailers, which are set up for 30, 60, or 90 days out, or choose a custom greeting to really get personal with your message.

Our drip campaigns put the power to maximize bankruptcy leads in your hands. Plus, our leads are always fresh, with a new list ready for use and waiting for you every Tuesday morning.

The Ideal Buyer

Bankruptcy leads have the potential to make the ideal subprime customers. These customers are typically in a position where they need a car, but might be hesitant to take the first step.

When you open up a line of communication through a targeted bankruptcy mailer, you could be giving these consumers the hope they need that things are looking up.

Subprime buyers also tend to be some of the most loyal customers around – they remember which dealer was there when they needed it most. They also often end up as repeat buyers, coming back time and time again whenever they're in the market for another vehicle.

Start Off the New Year with Fresh Leads

Get 2020 off to the right start by cultivating a whole new customer base through our bankruptcy marketing system. This can be a great addition to any dealership, and an easy way to boost your sales. Bankruptcy marketing is just one of our many services, and Auto Credit Express wants to help you make the most of 2020.

In addition to our bankruptcy marketing, we also have targeted direct mail, a full BDC call center staffed with trained agents prepared to help get ready-to-buy customers in your door, and a wide array of lead programs, including new and used car leads through our partnership with CarsDirect Connect.

Don't wait until the year is well underway to see how we can help you. Get started right now by calling us at 888-535-2277, or fill out our online contact form, and one of our dedicated sales members will reach out to you. What are you waiting for? Get your new year started with more leads now!