Is your sales team keeping up with the influx of shoppers that the tax season brings around? Whether your store has the situation in hand, or is having trouble keeping up with the wave of prospects looking to spend their tax refunds with you, let us help. Here at Auto Credit Express, our dedicated BDC call center can help you manage prospects and bring in serious shoppers that are ready to buy.

First Call Contact Can Lead to Sales

Let Our BDC Help You Benefit from Tax Time ShoppersOur BDC agents understand the importance of first call contact, and know that the first to contact is often the first to contract. Studies have shown that first call contact directly impacts intent to purchase.

We contact consumers as soon as they're matched to your dealership – helping you field incoming calls, screen prospects, and set appointments. This allows you to keep your sales people on the floor closing deals, and helps to grow your bottom line.

The Importance of Having Us on Your Side

To help ensure that quality leads are coming through your doors, our BDC verifies personal information, and makes sure that the info you're seeing about each prospect is as accurate as possible. Our agents go over income, employment, and residence information, and alert the prospects to the qualifications and stips you set forth.

Having our dedicated automotive BDC on your side can help you save time and money. Not only can we prepare prospects, we continue to follow up with them throughout the process – from appointment setting, to post-visit, and right through sale.

We also weed out invalid leads, and act as a buffer for consumer concerns. We're there to support your sales team and keep the process on track from start to finish.

Put Our Expertise to Work

If you're ready to take full advantage of the wave of tax time car shoppers that are coming to your dealership to spend their refunds, let our dedicated automotive BDC call center go to bat for you. We're ready to help you bring qualified leads through your doors, so your sales staff can focus on what they do best: turning prospects into customers!

At Auto Credit Express, our BDC is only one of the many services we have to offer your store. You can benefit from our help all year long by using our automotive direct mail services and bankruptcy marketing campaigns, as well as growing your business with our premium subprime leads. Plus, if you're looking to move more vehicles, we now provide new and used car leads through our partnership with CarsDirect Connect!

Like tax season, prospects come and go – let us help you watch them go in a vehicle from your lot. To see how we can meet the needs of your dealership, call us today at 888-535-2277. Or, simply fill out our quick contact form online, and we'll be in touch with you!