Do you feel like your staff is missing out on sales because they’re focused on tasks other than selling? If this is the case at your dealership, maybe it’s time to think about outsourcing your call center. When you work with Auto Credit Express' dedicated automotive BDC, you can free up more time for your staff to sell more vehicles and increase your bottom line.

What a Dedicated Automotive BDC Can Do for You

Let Our Dedicated Automotive BDC Work on Your BehalfWith our BDC call center on your side, you get exclusive access to the consumers that best fit your criteria. Our specially trained BDC agents reach out to prospects as soon as they’re matched with your dealership, and verify each to help ensure accurate information is passed along to you.

Our specialists help to get the ball rolling with a prospect by checking:

  • Personal information – We ensure that information is entered as accurately as possible, and we verify all information entered by the consumer for validity and security purposes.
  • Source of income – We make sure that the prospect understands the need for W-2 income, and that their verifiable income is from a legitimate, taxable source.
  • Gross monthly income – We double check the math to ensure that consumers have entered an accurate representation of their single-source income.
  • Additional income – Any additional income from secondary jobs or alternative sources is listed so you get a complete picture of the prospect coming in.

Once we’ve verified the accuracy of the prospect’s application, it’s time to let them know what to expect at your store. We outline the requirements, set by you, to lay the groundwork so that the consumer is as prepared as possible on their first visit.

As far as visits to your showroom go, you don’t have to worry about this, either. Our dedicated BDC representatives schedule visits, make reminder calls, and follow up after scheduled meetings to see how things went. As you can see, our automotive BDC call center is ready to answer that call for you!

Why it’s Important to Have a BDC on Your Side

It’s important to have a dedicated automotive BDC on your side because using one helps you save time and money. With our representatives verifying prospects, weeding out invalid leads, scheduling dealership visits, and handling consumer concerns, your sales staff is then free to focus on the task at hand: selling cars to showroom traffic.

Outsourcing also allows us to contact the customers promptly, which helps ensure fresh leads from serious buyers. We work together on your behalf, so you and your staff can sell the units you need to move.

We Want to Put Our Expertise to Work for You

Now that you know our automotive BDC call center services can take a load off your plate, it’s time to give us a call to get started – right now. Need more than BDC services to get your sales rocking and rolling? A BDC isn't all we can offer you.

At Auto Credit Express, we have a number of dealer services and specialized products that can help boost your bottom line. From targeted BK Marketing, direct mail campaigns, and award-winning lead generation, we’ve got you covered.

Don’t wait any longer to boost your store’s numbers – call us today at 888-535-2277 to see what we can do for you. No time to call? Simply fill out our online contact form and one of our reps will reach out to you.