Is your store facing low customer retention rates? If so, you may be interested in a recent article from that identified reasons why visitors do not return to dealerships. This information could give you valuable insight that you can use to create an effective customer retention strategy. With an estimated 80% of your future revenue coming from the top 20% of your existing customers, the strategies that you adopt have the potential to make a significant difference to your bottom line.

Aggressive Sales Tactics

Salespeople that are too pushy or aggressive is the first reason cited as to why visitors do not return to dealerships. Rick Knight writes that "dealership salespeople have a reputation for coming off as being aggressive" and that "prospective buyers opt to look elsewhere for their vehicle needs" when they are encountered. It is important to train your staff properly to ensure that they are not driving away customers by being overly assertive.

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Lackluster Welcoming

Although being too aggressive can turn away customers, not properly welcoming them can have the same negative effect. Consumers have the ability to be selective on where they purchase vehicles. Your store is competing with others based on the service that you provide. Taking steps such as offering a personalized customer welcome kit is one way to build a strong relationship with the individuals that are critical to your success.

Showroom Amenities

Even after welcoming your visitors, your store must continue to meet or exceed their expectations throughout their visit. Offering free Wi-Fi access, complimentary beverages and snacks, and a play area for children are all expected and appreciated. If your business does not provide the conveniences that your customers are looking for, you could potentially lose sales to a competitor.

Maintenance and Monitoring

Staying in touch with customers after car sales is a must if you would like their continued business. One way to do this is to provide a complimentary maintenance program for a limited time. This keeps your store in mind when customers have more extensive service needs. Furthermore, monitoring those who patronize your dealership and sending out loyalty rewards can have the same result.

Overall Bad Service

The overall service that you provide to your customers is one of the largest factors that determine if visitors will return. This means you must provide individuals with competent service that makes them feel at ease. Having staff that are personable, friendly, and knowledgeable will help keep customers coming back your store for years to come.

Easily Find New Customers

Retaining customers is extremely important, but finding new ones is also crucial to operating a successful dealership. Our team at Auto Credit Express can help by providing high quality leads that can drive foot traffic to your store.

Furthermore, we can assist you in closing sales with LotPro Online. This system will allow you to find vehicles in your inventory that work for buyers who are credit-challenged and make you the most gross profit.

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