How fast can you find the most profitable vehicle in your inventory that fits a $350 payment call at 115% net advance and a 19% APR? What if we told you that the answer to that question could be two seconds? That's all it takes with our patented LotPro® Subprime Selling System.

We all know what a pain it can be to construct a subprime deal. Sometimes, you go through enough time and effort finding just one vehicle that works. And how likely is it that a customer is going to be excited about a one vehicle option? Sometimes, you settle for a skinny deal just because the car works.

Forget about all the horror stories. Forget about just turning a profit. Start streamlining the subprime sales process while MAXIMIZING your gross profit on every deal with the help of LotPro and its Car Deal Excelerator feature.

The LotPro Car Deal Excelerator

Nothing can do what our LotPro Subprime Selling System can. With the Car Deal Excelerator tool, you can find the vehicles in your inventory that fit a lender's payment call and program parameters in a matter of seconds.

LotPro Car Deal Excelerator

Better yet, those vehicles will be sorted by gross profit in an easy-to-read report that also includes monthly payment, vehicle age and more key data. And it literally only takes the click of a button to identify the most profitable units in your entire inventory using multiple lender calls to find the best deal.

Subprime customers are used to being told "no" or "sorry." Imagine how ecstatic yours will be when you tell them you have multiple vehicles to show them. Allowing a customer to check out several vehicles and make a purchase decision will surely improve their satisfaction.

Backing Into the Deal Seamlessly

LotPro also walks you through the desking process in a way that keeps the deal correctly structured and never over-advanced. You'll never again get a contract kicked back.

The desking tool in LotPro gives you the ability to back into a deal seamlessly. You can massage it and structure it to create the ideal win-win-win deal every time. You can then push it to either DealerTrack, Route One or wherever else for a final decision.

Satisfy all of the parameters of a lender's payment call. Give the customer a car they want. Maximize your gross profit on every deal. It's easy to use, down and dirty, amazingly accurate, and fast.

What Are You Waiting For?

The Car Deal Excelerator allows you to maximize your profit with every subprime deal, but that's not all LotPro has to offer. There are also comprehensive and intuitive Lead and Inventory Management tools, and a Bankruptcy Marketing module.

Together, these features make LotPro the most effective special finance software on the planet. It's the complete solution from first contact to closing the deal. Plus, there are no long-term contracts and it's cheaper than the competition.

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