Once your new LotPro Subprime Selling System has been installed, it’s time for the experts at Auto Credit Express to begin the training that will result in the long term growth and profitability of your subprime department.

e-Classroom Learning Phase

Once the Set-Up Phase has been completed, the assigned store personnel will begin their Subprime Selling System e-Classroom Curriculum. There are over 30 e-Classroom Modules. These subprime auto financing modules can contain up to four components:

1.    The classroom instruction
2.    Downloadable materials
3.    A practical application or demonstration
4.    A quiz

In addition to utilizing the e-Classroom Modules, LotPro trainers will be providing additional instruction to the Inventory and Bankruptcy List clerks via an interactive, shared, web application.

It should also be noted that any new employees that are hired during the six month installation period are automatically eligible to attend/view the e-Classroom Curriculum.

Implementation Phase

Near the end of the first month, a Process Implementation Specialist will be on-site at the store for 4 days. During this phase of training, the Implementation Specialist will ensure that each team member understands their role and can execute their responsibilities within the Subprime Selling System. In addition to coaching store personnel, the Implementation Specialist will conduct a demographic and inventory mix analysis.

Execution Phase

One day each month, the Implementation Specialist will re-visit the store to reinforce the training, resolve any conflicts, analyze individual progress, review specific subprime advertising budgets and meet with management personnel.

Maintaining the System

After completing the standard 6 month program, stores should be up and running and able to maintain and grow their subprime sales, regardless of personnel turnover at the store. In order to accomplish this, it is recommended that each new hire attend/view the e-Classroom Curriculum.

Remote Software Training & Support

To ensure the success of your store, additional software training is available, at any time, for store personnel via Web-ex interactive online support.

For More Information and a Complete Demonstration

For a complete demonstration of the finest subprime training system and subprime software on the planet, please contact Dave Lalonde at 888.535.2277 or by using our quick contact form.