Now it’s easier than ever for Special Finance Managers to keep their inventory accurate and up-to-date…

Introducing LotProOnline integration with Dealer Specialties

Now in use at selected dealers, the Dealer Specialties module of LotProOnline special finance software will save you time by integrating the accessories data as well as additional notes from the Dealer Specialties information with the vehicle information in LotProOnline.

What this means for you and your department.

The integration with Dealer Specialties means you will spend less time booking your inventory and worrying about the accuracy of booked vehicles. While it’s always a good idea to “touch” your inventory to verify the equipment, the addition of Dealer Specialties as an additional verification tool is sure to make your inventory process more accurate.

How LotProOnline and Dealer Specialties work together.

Currently, LotProOnline informs the user, via an icon next to the vehicle in the inventory screen, of any issues that may arise if either Kelley Blue Book or NADA is unable to determine the trim level based on VIN data. When you see this icon, you need to click on the vehicle and open up the vehicle screen. A message on the screen will then tell you the problem area, so that it can be corrected. In the case of a trim level, that box would be empty and you will need to check your inventory to determine the trim level and click on the drop down menu to select the trim. Once that is completed, the warning will go away.

With the Dealer Specialties module, all you need to do is move the vehicle from the integration screen to the inventory screen. If Dealer Specialties has visited your lot, you will, within 24 hours, see a “D” icon will appear next to the stock number. Whether or not vehicle has been booked previously, all the information from Dealer Specialties will populate the option fields. If there is a conflict between a previously booked vehicle and the Dealer Specialties booking (as an example, a multiple versus single CD player), the conflict icon will appear so that you can open that vehicle and make the necessary correction(s).

We work harder to make your job easier.

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