The number of bankruptcies that are being filed by Americans is trending upward, and has been steadily increasing since June 2019. With so many consumers throwing in the towel on their finances, dealers have the unique opportunity to be there when they need you most – after the dust settles, and they find themselves needing another vehicle. Let us help your dealership take advantage with our automotive bankruptcy marketing campaigns.

Why Use Our Automotive Bankruptcy Marketing?

Make the Most of Your Bankruptcy LeadsAt Auto Credit Express, we want to help your store be the first in line with fresh bankruptcy leads. Using our targeted bankruptcy marketing campaigns, you can customize the leads you receive and rest assured that the right consumers are being introduced to your store at the right time.

We don’t “shotgun” generic marketing leads throughout a target market. Instead, we use a targeted drip campaign to send you the buyers that meet your dealership’s specifications.

Remember that prospects coming off a fresh bankruptcy may be both excited to start fresh, and hesitant to do it. It’s up to you to nurture these relationships, and show consumers that there’s someone out there that can say "yes" when they need it most. It might surprise you, but subprime customers become fiercely loyal to the dealer that can get them approved when no one else can.

Tips for Making the Most of Automotive BK Marketing

Our bankruptcy list is updated every Tuesday, so that you have fresh leads ready to go at the start of the business day. In order to reach your prospects in a way that’s best for you, we have four templates to choose from – 30, 60, 90 days, and custom greetings – so all you have to do is pick which works for you.

“The automotive bankruptcy marketing drip campaigns are perfect for maximum control of BK mailers,” said Deseré Snyder, a Dealer Relations Account Manager at ACE. “This is a do-it-yourself type program that puts the control in the dealer’s hands, and really allows them to target the bankruptcy leads that are going to be right for their store.

“There is a lot of opportunity for the dealers to customize the bankruptcy mailers too. I always suggest that the dealers add a personalized touch, such as handwritten envelopes,” Snyder added. “This really lets a prospect know that you care, and you want their business. It could be just the touch a consumer needs to decide you’re the right dealership for them.”

Dealer Relations Supervisor Tracey Williams has her own tips for dealers looking to maximize sales with an automotive BK marketing campaign. “This is a perfect campaign for stores that are looking to increase their bankruptcy leads, it works well as both a standalone program and as an addition to our other lead services.

“To maximize your visibility, I suggest clients send their letters out on a Friday or Saturday, that way prospective customers get them early in the week. When your letters arrive on a weekday rather than a weekend, they’re more likely to produce the results you’re looking for,” Williams said. “This program is great for stores of any size and really works well for dealerships both large and small.”

Get Started with a Bankruptcy Marketing Campaign

Targeted bankruptcy marketing campaigns are just one of the ways Auto Credit Express can help your store maximize its profits. We’ve been a top provider of subprime automotive leads for over 20 years, and now provide quality new and used car leads through our partnership with CarsDirect Connect. Plus, by working with our full-service BDC, we can help your store free up time for salespeople to do what they do best: sell cars.

To find out more about our targeted Automotive Bankruptcy Marketing program, or any of our other helpful dealership business solutions, call us today at 888-535-2277. Or, simply fill out our online contact form, and we’ll get in touch with you.