The New Year is often regarded as a time for change, renewal, or hope for better things to come. While we’ve all had a year for the history books, here at Auto Credit Express, we’re still working hard to bring your dealership new products and services that can reel in prospects.

We’ve been in the business of supplying leads to dealers for the last 20 years, and we don’t intend on slowing down now! It’s time for your dealership to become more relevant on social media with our latest product.

Feeling Stagnant?

With the onset of the global pandemic, it was an unusual start to the year for the automotive industry coming into 2020. Borrowers looking for vehicles under the $20,000 were hardest hit when it came to the state-wide shutdown efforts to reduce the spread of coronavirus.

New car production was also slowed down or simply halted for a while, causing used vehicle values to rise. Brand new no-credit borrowers are breaking into the auto market, in attempts to avoid public transportation.

One of the biggest shifts, though, is the auto industry shifting to online transactions. It’s easy to do what you’ve always done, and car dealers often fall into this trap. Some experts don’t expect online car buying to stay the new norm – but you can’t deny its prevalence in this day and age.

Social Media Marketing Can Increase Visibility

New Year, New Subprime Leads, New Services

The interest in buying a car online has increased from 19% in April to 39% in June 2020 according to CarGurus. Langley Steinert, founder and CEO of CarGurus, says, “20% is not a small number. That is not a small trend. It needs to be addressed.”

Prospects are looking at your social media pages, reading reviews from past customers, and searching for the right dealership for their situation. Even if a customer isn’t interested in a completely online vehicle transaction, you can bet that they’ve done at least a few minutes of online searching before they go anywhere.

Borrowers between the ages of 28 and 35 are particularly interesting in the concept of buying a car online. With a lacking credit history, though, they may require special financing.

How are younger shoppers likely going to find your location? Online. Boosting your online presence using targeted social media marketing is a great way to increase your site’s traffic – which means more leads directly to your showroom.

Branded Marketing With Social Media

With our new branded-marketing campaigns service for social media, we can create branded, optimized content for your location. Targeting specific audiences that need a vehicle – whether it's new, used, or special financing – has never been easier!

With the help of our sister-site at CarsDirect, we make up the largest special finance digital marketing partnership there is. Let us increase your traffic and help you generate high-quality leads for your store.

Our social media marketing services include:

  • Generating actual customers in a refined subprime target market.
  • Audience profiling from our own historical info of 20 years.
  • Using lookalike audience technology and a wide range of data to make your dealership-branded campaign unique.
  • We meet all co-op requirements for participating OEMs.
  • We can run our ads on both Facebook and Instagram when you link your respective accounts.
  • Ads run everywhere they're relevant including Facebook Marketplace, feed, and on all properties for optimal performance and conversion.
  • Contact information and full credit applications sent to your CRM.

Branded social media content isn’t the only way to bring in subprime leads, though. We have many other products and services you can utilize.

Our Lead Generation Services

With our lead services, you can bring in fresh subprime prospects that are ready to buy. Consumers all over the United States visit our website daily looking for a dealership with special finance resources. We offer a wide range of services from BDC call centers to help take the workload off your dealers, to bankruptcy marketing campaigns that bring you the freshest leads each week.

If you're looking for a new way to draw in the buyers you need, you can drip your toe in our waters. Choose just one of our services to reach out to your potential customers, or you tailor the plan that meets all your needs and take advantage of a multitude of our services at once. We're here to help you grow your business!

We've been in the business of connecting dealerships with the prospects they need for over 20 years. Because of our long experience, we understand how important first-contact and hot leads are, so we begin contacting your fresh leads as soon as you're verified as a match. Our BDC call center verifies consumer information and preps your prospects, ensuring they're prepared for their first visit with you.

Along with taking advantage of our fresh subprime leads, you can also place reach out to new and used vehicle shoppers through CarsDirect Connect. All this and more can help you reach the clients you need to keep your inventory moving this year!

All of This and More …

Here’s are some other highlights of our award-winning lead services:

  • Regulated lead flow based on your set daily or monthly caps
  • Pause finance leads anytime
  • Increase or decrease leads anytime
  • Increase or decrease the lead radius
  • Bankruptcy leads roll out to you each Tuesday

By conducting detailed market studies, Auto Credit Express is here to help you target your ideal prospects. Our targeting marketing can help you reduce costs and increase conversion. With our fresh data each month, you're sure to be ahead of the pack when it comes to prospects showing up ready to buy.

Ready to join the growing number of dealerships in our network? Don’t delay, and fill out our free contact form today. One of our specialized automotive sales consultants will reach out to answer all your questions. Or give us a call at 888-535-2277, and get on the path toward a bigger customer base today!