When it comes to acquiring the prospects your car dealership needs, there are a number of routes your store can take. In the current automotive sales landscape, it’s important that you get legitimate leads that originate from real people, and Auto Credit Express wants to help.

Combating Bad Leads

A recent Cox Automotive whitepaper pointed to problems dealers can have when poor–quality leads come down the sales funnel. What they found is that there are different types of poor-quality leads, and many ways they can reach your store. However, it’s how dealerships handle leads – whether good or bad – that really makes a difference.

Some bad leads are easy to spot – Big Bird, Elvis Presley, and Snoop Dogg clearly aren’t searching for help financing a vehicle. But what about leads from Michael Jackson and Taylor Swift?

It can cost your store valuable time and money to sort through these types of leads and weed out the bad ones. In some cases, personnel assigned to this task may be missing out on a large number of quality automotive sales leads by skipping those that may be genuine.

Here are some of the highlights from the whitepaper findings:

  • Cox estimates that dealerships which dedicate three salespeople to follow up on 200 bad leads are wasting 33 hours each month – that’s approximately 11 hours per person, spending 10 minutes for each lead that doesn’t lead to a sale. The result is thousands of dollars in lost gross.
  • There are many ways a bad lead can slip through. Most often, leads are bad when consumers don’t understand how the process works, or what happens after they submit their information when searching for a car or loan.
  • So-called cattle call leads are common when a prospect submits their information to multiple dealers at once. Often, these consumers are looking for the best deal they can find without doing a lot of leg work. By submitting multiple vehicle requests, the consumer is letting the dealerships do the work by fighting for their business.
  • Another source of bad leads can come from people that want the information from a dealer, but are cautious about putting their personal information online. These prospects are most likely to submit partial information or falsify certain areas when filling out forms online.
  • Dreamers cause a big influx of bad leads, as well. These are consumers who want the works on a shoestring budget, and often unaware that the car they want is well outside of their budget.
  • Bots getting smarter are also a source of bad leads that can be difficult to combat.

The takeaway is that bad leads can find their way to your store even when precautions are taken. Your best course of action is to ensure you’re getting quality leads from a qualified source – that’s where Auto Credit Express can help.

Our Award-Winning Leads Can Help

How do you differentiate between partners that shotgun to every dealership and vendors that give you proprietary access to leads? Ideally, everyone wants quality leads, all the time, from all vendors. It can be frustrating to return lead after clearly bad lead. Here at Auto Credit Express, we give you exclusive access to leads that are a match to the criteria you determine.

With over 20 years of experience, we are a leader in special finance lead origination in both the U.S. and Canada. Let us help you get quality prospects through your doors. Hundreds of thousands of consumers visit our websites every month looking for dealers with the right lending resources. We want to connect your store to these consumers.

Not looking for subprime leads? That’s OK. Through our partnership with CarsDirect Connect, we also provide in–market new and used auto leads right to your doors. Watch your closing ratios improve with our help through any of our lead generation programs.

But that’s not all we can do. Once the leads start rolling in, save yourself and your staff valuable time you may have been wasting chasing bad leads, and put us to work instead.

Let Our BDC Work for You

Our Mission: Quality Over QuantityInstead of dedicating a salesperson or two to sort through your leads and toss out the poor-quality ones, let our BDC help.

Our dedicated BDC call center can help your store narrow down the search for quality prospects that are ready to come through your doors and buy from you.

Our highly-trained BDC agents specialize in making sure the prospects that are matched with you fit your criteria, while preparing them to be ready for the car buying process.

We know how important first-call contact is, so we also make sure to reach out to prospects as soon as they’re matched to your dealership.

Ready to Get the Ball Rolling?

If you’re ready to jump-start your store’s sales with more quality leads and the manpower to work them, give us a call today. We want to help you not only receive more leads, but also acquire more quality leads that turn into sales.

To see how we can help increase your leads, or get you set up with any of our other services, call 888-535-2277. Or, you can fill out our online contact form, and one of our knowledgeable staff members will reach out to you.