Building dealership customer loyalty may not be at the top of your list as a sales strategy for your store, but it’s much easier to accomplish if you focus on customer expectations. One opportunity to focus on this comes near the end of the process, when you’re explaining a vehicle service contract (VSC).

From an F&I standpoint, this is a great time to generate additional revenue. But from the customer’s point of view, this is one of the key components to building dealership loyalty. Vehicle service contract provider GWC Warranty suggests using the five W’s when discussing a used car service contract with customers.

Build Customer Loyalty for Your Dealership with 5 Questions

Taking a trick from a reporter’s handbook, the five W’s tactic helps to cover all the bases and make sure your customers’ experiences are positive – even post-sale. By providing answers to the five simple questions of who, what, why, when, and where, you can help your customers see the value of a VSC, and show them that you’re concerned with giving them the best customer service experience possible.

  • Setting Customer Expectations using the 5 WsWhy: Though this question is never listed first among the five W’s, it’s perhaps the most important for you when it comes to setting vehicle service contract expectations. Let customers know why the VSC is beneficial by outlining the typical cost of various repairs, with and without a service contract. Highlight ways the customer can save and unexpected ways they may not have thought of as to why they need a VSC when purchasing a used car. GWC Warranty suggests providing a short video which explains these things to really capture your customer’s attention.
  • Who: Make sure your customer knows all about the VSC provider. Let them know about any awards or endorsements the provider has, how long they’ve been in business, and how much they’ve paid in claims. The more confident you make the customer feel about the provider, the more likely they’ll be to purchase the VSC.
  • What: Setting the right expectations for what’s covered in the car service contract can make or break the deal. Give your customers details about which parts and systems are covered, and tell them if there’s an online portal they can access for help with coverage details when the time comes to use their service contract.
  • Where: Knowing they can use their VSC, whether they’re right around the corner or traveling the country, is a big selling point. Make sure to provide customers with a list of preferred shops the VSC provider is affiliated with, and point them toward online tools that can help them find service coverage no matter where they are.
  • When: Explain to your customer when a VSC can come in handy. Let them know if coverage includes features like roadside assistance, rental cars, or lodging reimbursements. If they need to use their VSC when they’re out of town, these are the details that’ll have them thanking you for offering them an extended warranty.

Keep Customers Coming Back

When you focus on the customer experience during a VSC presentation, it can help to foster your relationship with your customer and keep them coming back for a lifetime. At the same time, when it comes to customer loyalty, subprime customers are some of the most loyal around. They’re known for sticking with the dealer that was there for them when the chips were down.

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