Subprime finance managers rarely have time to properly process special finance leads in a timely manner let alone follow up with the leads as they age in the sales funnel. How many times do you call a lead before you give up?  Most managers I talk to make only a few attempts before they give up on contacting a lead.

On the other hand, car dealerships that utilize an automotive call center to process their auto finance leads and set appointments typically have a set process in place that has touch points at varying day intervals. Our BDC for example, call and emails the lead at the following intervals:

Phone Calls Emails
Upon Receipt Upon Receipt
2 2
3 3
6 6
10 10
20 20
45 30
60 45
90 60
Calls are made to each number

provided (home, work, cell)


Utilizing this process we have seen incremental increases from prospects that we make first contact after 10 days, in fact, these prospects produced over 17% of all sales:

Days to 1st Contact Percent of Sales
1st Day 27.10%
Within 10 Days 54.96%
Within 20 Days 8.68%
Within 30 Days 4.58%
Within 40 Days 1.91%
Within 50 Days 1.24%
Within 60 Days 0.48%
Within 70 Days 0.48%
Within 80 Days 0.29%
Within 90 Days 0.29%

If you would like to incorporate our BDC Call Center system in your lead follow-up process give us a call at 888.535.2277 or contact us online.