All the latest indicators about the auto sales industry are positive, and there are more opportunities than ever for you to increase your dealership’s sales using special finance leads.

Auto loan delinquency rates are dropping

Yesterday, Transunion released its quarterly auto delinquency report which showed that delinquencies and hit another record low. In the second quarter of 2012, the rate of auto loan delinquencies dropped 25% over the same quarter last year. It’s also at the lowest rate since Transunion started tracking this data in 1999. Here are the stats:



% change




down 27%




down 25%

Subprime auto financing continues to increase

Meanwhile, the Transunion report showed:

  • the percentage of new special finance auto loans to sub-prime buyers increased by 9% in Q2 2012 compared to the same quarter last year
  • Compared to Q2 2010, that percentage as increased more than 20%

Lead your dealership to increased sales with special finance

Still not convinced that now is the time to embrace the power of the subprime auto finance market? Let me tell you about one more industry indicator.

According to tracking by Urban Science, an automotive industry consulting company, average sales per dealership are expected to set a significant record this year. With 17,770 dealerships in the nation, sales per dealership is on track to reach 805 units per dealer this year. If that happens, it will top the previous record in 2005 of 784 units per store when there were over 20,000 dealerships.

It can’t be clearer that the time is right.

  • auto loan delinquency rates continue drop
  • more people with subprime credit are getting special finance car loans
  • With fewer dealerships in play, the sales per store is expected to reach an all time high this year.

So what are you waiting for? At Auto Credit Express, we specialize in all things subprime – from leads to lenders to desking software solutions. Contact us today and we’ll help you take advantage of the current market conditions and increase your dealership’s sales.