If you’re on your game, your dealership may already have decided to enter the subprime market and started to target consumers with bad or poor credit. So the next step is to assess how many deals you are closing on those special finance leads.

Following up on leads for special finance prospects

special finance leadsWhether you buy your special finance leads from Auto Credit Express or another party, what you do with those leads is the key to success in the subprime auto financing market.  Ask yourself a few questions:

  1. Who is calling your leads?
  2. How soon are your subprime auto leads contacted after you receive their information?
  3. What is your follow-up process with contacted leads?
  4. Do you have a plan if a lead misses an appointment?
  5. How are you tracking your closing rate on your special finance leads?

If you find that something isn’t clicking for you in your special finance auto loan efforts, you may want to consider Auto Credit Express’ Virtual Call Center Services.

Managing contact with leads for special finance consumers

We have been at the front of the pack for automotive BDC services since 2007. Headquartered in metro Detroit, Michigan, contacting subprime auto finance leads and getting them to visit your dealership is our specialty.

We have a 30-day communication process we use to follow up on special finance prospects.

We will contact your subprime prospects and schedule appointments for them to visit your dealership. If a prospect misses their appointment they re-enter our 30-day communication schedule on the sixth day. If prospects show up for their appointments and/or buy a car, the 30-day process ends.

We get a 25% lead-to-show ratio

Auto dealerships that use our BDC virtual call center services can anticipate the following outcomes:

Leads Contacted 90%
Appointments Made 50%
Appointments Kept 25%

In other words, for every 100 leads, you can expect 25 customers to show up at your car dealership ready to purchase a car with a special finance auto loan.

The time is now to ramp up your closing rate on deals with special finance loan prospects. Contact us today for more information.