Overview: the special finance manager (SFM) structures car deals for clients with sub prime credit that fall outside the conventional system, in compliance with special finance lender guidelines and auto dealership policy, resulting in quick funding, and a high level of customer satisfaction. Responsibilities include the following:

  • Know and implement dealership polices and procedures.
  • Maintain a clean and organized office.
  • Communicate all problem deals to management immediately.
  • Address missing stipulations communicated from lender immediately.
  • Adhere to a standard of professional ethics and be respectful to customers.
  • Be knowledgeable of state regulations regarding finance and the fair credit reporting act.
  • Interact with appropriate departments.
  • Train and supervise sales staff.
  • Structure deals in accordance with lender and dealership guidelines.
  • Never intentionally misrepresent a deal.
  • Bookout deals accurately. Never misrepresent equipment.
  • Perform credit interview, prepare credit application.
  • Verify accuracy of all material information on the credit application and submit to lender.
  • Maintain confidentiality of customer information.
  • Disclose financial information to customers.
  • Sell credit insurance and service contracts.
  • Maintain good lender relations.
  • Maintain a lender guide of programs you are currently using and obtain a working knowledge of them.
  • Evaluate new lender programs.
  • Rehash deals with lenders. Work all deals diligently.
  • Maintain current inventory log and make recommendations to management.
  • Help move old inventory.
  • Maintain a call-in log and contracts in transit log (funding package).
  • Train administrative personnel how to assemble funding packages.
  • Review funding packages prior to mailing.
  • Show and demo vehicles when necessary.
  • Design and place advertising for special finance.
  • Analyze credit reports, be able to recognize a conventional deal and turn over accordingly.
  • Properly cost special finance deals (prepare profit sheets).
  • Receipt deposits immediately.
  • Maintain "dead file" for inactive deals.
  • Prepare weekly and monthly reports as requested by management.

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